A Solution To the Lisbon Treaty?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Coming_Man, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Having read many comments regarding the fact that Broon is clinging onto power at least until the Lisbon Treaty can be implemented and the fact that Cameron has no intention of upholding Tory promises on a referendum then what can be done about it?

    My opinion is UKIP should campaign in the GE on one policy only, to promise a referendum on EU membership and The Lisbon Treaty to be followed by an immediate fresh General Election once the people of the UK have their say.

    This would effectively turn the next election into a referendum on Europe with the knowlege that another election would follow.

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. Yes there does need to be an EU referendum about a European Constitution (in reality the question is if you want a federal europe)- across the whole of the EU at the same time.
  3. Have a 'Crowmwell Moment'?
  4. TCM, I hate to let you down on this, but how can we vote for a "1 policy party" when we are fighting a war in Afghanistan, and have the wreckage of what was our economy which has been destroyed by Brown. There are many issues which need urgently addressing.

    I appreciate that the Tories aren't the answer on Europe, but a 1 policy party just campaigning on our withdrawal from Europe just will not cut it at the moment
  5. Tell Cameron you don't trust him, OR that there are actually votes in standing up to the EU.

    They could even call themselves the 'Referendum Party'. I don't recall it working very well lat time.

    The Tory vote would be spllit between UKIP and the Conservatives, and Brown would get into government in coalition with the LibDems.
  6. My opinion is if UKIP did this, Cameron would have to clarify his position on the constitution one way or the other. If the tories won't honour their promised referendum and UKIP went to the country with a promise of a subsequent general election, I think they would possibly get enough support to allow our people to destroy this insidious treaty.
  7. Angular I totally agree, UKIP taking away any of the Conservative vote would let Brown back in by the back door (Labour getting elected by another minority) which would be a total disaster for this country.

    If Cameron doesn't honour his commitment to a referendum, I cant see him staying as party leader for very long. He is disliked by a significant proportion of the party as it is.
  8. Lisbon is one more nail.

    It serves no purpose of good for any european nation and also serves only to hasten the enriching of those who feed at the trough of Brussels.

    While empires built like potenkin villages may look to be a kingdom of riches upon there first unveiling they leave only a trail of a land sown with salt, and a people at each other throats as they fight for the broken spoils that are left.
  9. trouble is the libson treaty is not a Yes no sort of question.
    bit like asking for for a referendum on windows xp source code.
    although the source code is a more riverting read :roll:

    personally I think a constituiton that makes normal people glaze over with tedium is probalby a bad idea anytinh could be hidden in it.
    Nobody is voting on the treaty you can't its eurolawyer speak all 231 pages.
  10. The whole point of Broons support for Lisbon is so that he and his lackeys can continue to wield power over us without any need to bother with the embuggerance of that pesky thing called democracy.

    They have made a deal with the Devil as far as the EU is concerned, they are guaranteed a ride on the Brussels gravy train for life. Even if they lose the election they will be rewarded for their treason.

    If Lisbon is implemented it won't matter WHO is in power in this country because we will be ruled from Brussels by President Blair, a man who should be indicted for war crimes.

    Can you honestly say you will vote Tory if they do not come out with an explicit promise to hold a referendum? Because without such a promise, you will merely be voting for President Blair and commissioner for life Brown.
  11. Personally I will be voting for the Candidate who will best represent my interests in Parliament, as is all we can do. I am not one who believes in the Party system, nor of the ability for whips to inflict control over the way our elected representatives vote.

    A one policy party wouldnt even get merit a 2nd look on the ballot paper.

    All I can say is that I have never felt the urge to vote for a Labour candidate, as they never represent my views.

    I personally dislike Cameron, however anything that can remove Brown and his disastrous team from power has to be a good thing.
  12. "I personally dislike Cameron, however anything that can remove Brown and his disastrous team from power has to be a good thing."

    Well there's the rub, if Lisbon is implemented Brown and his cronies will be rewarded by Brussels and will wield power without any accountability. We will truly be stuck with them.

    Given that the majority of people want a say on Lisbon, I feel that an election after any promised referendum could unite all our people against the possibility of President Bliar. Notwithstanding the fact that if UKIP adopted this policy, it would more or less force the Tories into sticking by their own promise of a referendum.

    Make no mistake, the next election may be our last one as a sovereign nation.
  13. But the dilemma is:

    Any split in the vote that will put the tories into government next year WILL put Brown and his chums back in power. They will gradually retire from Politics in this country and head into lucrative European jobs. We will end up with Brown et al running this country right into the ground.

    I dislike UKIP intensely, they managed to foist Kilroy-Silk onto us, who stepped up to the European gravy train and stuck his snout deep into it. They are not the answer to the problems facing this country, there are some far more important and vital issues that need tackling at the earliest opportunity which are more urgent than our status within Europe.

    Brown and his chums have inflicted far more damage to this country, than ever anyone in Europe has managed so far, we need a Government that will set to work rectifying (if its possible) the disastrous policies that have been inflicted upon the nation by the New Labour experiment.
  14. In which case the Tories had better ensure they are explicit in their promise of a referendum or their vote WILL be split anyway.

    I actually believe the Tories will be little better than Liarbour, there is hardly a fag paper between them on sleaze, immigration, Political Correctness, the EU and so on.

    This country deserves so much better.
  15. As yet Cameron has failed to give an explicit guarantee on a referendum.
    Unless he does so I will not vote Conservative. The Lisbon Treaty is the biggest threat to this country since Hitler and it is being implemented by traitors within our own country.
    If we fail to get a referendum after the next election then it only leaves the option of serious civil disobedience or leaving the country. Some choice.
    An EU Britain is not a country I want to live in, it really is that simple. If there is nothing I can do to prevent it then the only option is to live elsewhere. Thanks a fukking bundle Mr Brown.