A solution to mong chariots?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. [video=youtube;leag-R5-MfQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leag-R5-MfQ[/video]

    I think they may be onto something!
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  2. How old are you? 20 - 26 ?
  3. rotflmoa especially if the muppet is a Yank militia

  4. I asked myself the very same question the other day when I saw a behemoth in a 4x4 disability dozer crush all before her on the way to the confectionery aisle in Sainsburys.

    Tragically, she found that the family size bars of chocolate were on the top shelf. Despite bouncing up and down on her scooter suspension like Jimmy Savile in an orphanage dormitory, she couldn't quite reach the 4000 calories she needed to sustain her between breakfast and lunch.

    It occurred to me that the solution is clear. Put all the sweeties, litre bottles of double cream and instant, microwave chips out of the reach of kiddies and the morbidly obese. Simples.
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  5. Combine that with very narrow aisles and a turnstile entrance!
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  6. I'd pay good money for the in store camera footage of the slavering hordes bottlenecked at the entrance for hours, forced to eat each other to survive until lunch time.
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  7. If you're serving,which I doubt,wait till you come back minus the ability to walk....then see if this is remotely funny.
  8. Cow tipping is funny...if you're wasted and have nothing else to do in the middle of fuckall....like in Wisconsin for example.
  9. I didn't find it remotely funny but I can walk and I'm serving. How does that work?
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  10. You utter fuckmuppet.
  11. Put ex squaddies in charge of supermarkets. 'On the premise that I refuse to serve alcohol to those clearly drunk, I refuse to serve processed food to those morbidly obese' I suspect the reaction could be....interesting
  12. Take it your days as a 110m hurdler are over?
  13. Stop being a lazy bastard.
  14. He meant militia, not military. No doubt in reference to another thread on here showing some incredibly fat chaps riding around on quads trying to secure the border.
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