A solution to home grown walts


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Guys its not often pay any attention to what our septic cousins are doing, but I picked up on this, maybe as we now have a 'FBI LIke' type organisiation in the UK now, maybe they should pay some of our 'waltish' people a visit:

Thomas Cottone, the agent who heads the FBI unit, learns of at least one new case a week. He has no truck with those who argue that military impersonation is a victimless crime. "The imposters are literally stealing the valour of genuine soldiers," he said.

"Every time someone sees a uniform they trust in it. If the person wearing that uniform is a fraud, they've helped to undermine its prestige."

At the funeral of a US Marines lieutenant killed in a gun battle in Iraq two years ago, Mr Cottone found himself standing next to a marine captain festooned with medals and ribbons. They included two Silver Stars for gallantry, the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism against an enemy and three Purple Hearts awarded for wounds sustained in action.

Noting that the "captain" failed to snap to attention for the Marine Corps hymn, the FBI man took the marine, Walter Carlson, aside and asked if he minded talking about his military service.

He jumped at the opportunity. "That was the final straw," said Agent Cottone. "In my experience people in combat don't want to talk about it. Most imposters want to talk about it. It's like an addiction, like heroin to a junkie."

Carlson was arrested and faces six months in jail and a $500 fine. A judge also ordered that the 58-year-old bus driver surrender all his military paraphernalia.


Do you think Mr Blair will fund the Walt Police if we agree to double and cover for the local Bill?


War Hero
Bloody bus drivers.....you just can't trust 'em!