A solution to Army overstretch!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    A solution to overstretch!

    How about this then? A pill a day and no requirement for sleep. Does away the requirement for the night shift, allows for proper 24 hr ops, decreases your deployment time and overstretch, well that just disappears! Brilliant!

    Seriously though - I know we get paid for a 24hr day but this is taking the p1ss. Can you imagine coming down of this sh1t? Whilst I can see this being used for emergencies and no doubt by the hooligans, I can't think of anything worse than being under pressure fully 24hrs a day rather than the 17-18 we normally do. There must be an impact on the mental health of users and we aren't doing to well in that area at the moment with what we ask guys and girls to do.

    God help us if this does get approval
  2. Nothing new, My Grandad in the desert was regularly fed Benzedrine (Bennies) and woodbines to keep them on the go. Could keep you going for three days ( with obvious degradation in performance) straight.

    The danger was you'd dope the guys up for the Op, it would be delayed and you'd have a load of smacked up guys who would collapse in a heap 48 hours later and would be good for feck all else for a week.
  3. Nothing new really considering the millions of amphetamine pills dished out in WWII.
  4. Don't US pilots still use amphetamins so they can fly for longer?
    (a suspected factor in blue on blues.)

  5. My father talked of using bennies fairly frequently in Egypt in the 50's, the medic would hand them out to each man in the patrol once a day. After three days another unit would stand guard whilst they all slept for 24 hours.
  6. Even Red Bull comes from WW2
  7. I did a lot of Fanta in Iraq. Kept me up half the night, certainly.
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  8. another totally different solution would be to put all the illegal immigrants in a sort off british foreign legion and also asylum seekers too and only after a minimum of say 5 years could they be allowed to settle here that would instantly give this country (if government figures are correct) an army of approx 400,000 troops who can fight under current army supervision.
  9. 400.000???

    Is that just in Greater London? :D
  10. Septic pilots do indeed use "Go pills" as "a fatigue management tool" before releasing a large bomb onto the wrong target.
  11. Like the idea of a foreign legion. Come and serve a minimum of 5 years and you and your family can stay with Brit passport.

    Unless they are Doc's nurses etc and can contribute in some other way.
  12. Why bother serving in a British legion?

    What if you've got a hook for a hand? You wouldnt be able to serve then!

    Though I agree it seems strange that British soldiers are fighting in Afgahnistan to make the place safe for refugees to return to, when the refugees are doing quite so little to help the situation!
  13. It would never work...the government hasn't considered the logistics element and imagine the costs involved in getting 300,000 pizzas delivered at 3am!
  14. Pizza no problem for the Israeli Defence Force.

  15. I took Modafinal as an alternative to Dexadrine - they worked for a limited period and then left me abruptly. Not much good if in the middle of an attack You suddenly lose Your artificial get up and go. Side effects were feeling sick constantly, raised blood pressure and the feeling that Your heart was going to explode out of Your chest. Plus stomach cramps and a bloody horrible shaking.

    And You don't even get the euphoria (not that I do with the Dexadrine)