A Soldiers Creed - Short Video about the British Soldier -

This is actually quite good for once not one of those gung ho American videos but a decent short video showing the 'British Soldier'

Worth a look at least...

A British Soldiers Creed

and I will expect to benefit from a politicians creed that I, and my family will be supported and protected by the state for my endevours in seeking to ensure it's continuity - Oh sorry, I forgot, they do not have one do they!

Give of yourself to your country that self-sacrifice that it will not give to you! It will order you to take off your uniform when you are wounded in it's hospitals and it will throw you out of Sainsbury's for wearing it and leave you abandoned and forgotton under Victoria Bridge for having the temerity for having worn it!

Produce that video!


Our Government even has the gaul to debate the legalities of a war that our troops are still fighting. Ba$tards!
This government is the biggest farce in the past 200 years - they are ludicrous and hypocritical...

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