A "soldier" who loves to smoke

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Freaky uniformed smoker site

    Haven't a clue, very disturbing! Here is his upload site on You Tube, seems to have an obsession with unforms and smoking - seek help fella!

  2. LOL
    can't blame him for trying!
  3. That is just a little bit weird!!! :?
  4. wrong wrong wrong
  5. i bet he likes to smoke the pink fella as well.
  6. Hmmm shortly after making that film he entertained himself with a nice red laboon and an ice cream......
  7. What a chopper.

    I bet he thrashes himself senseless after making those vids.
  8. I think this guy has some issues... now where are my Freud notes...

    1) He's wearing a uniform; a symbol of power to some. Unless you are an ex-squaddy, then they are a bloody pain!

    2) He's smoking.

    3) The camera angle puts the viewer at a lower postition to him, showing him as more dominant.

    So, I think we should track himdown and give him the hiding of his life, anyone else agree?
  9. You bstard - I've just sprayed red wine all over my monitor after reading your post!!!!!
  10. He has never been a "soldier" clearly. I feel dirty having watched that...
  11. Cracking idea, I'll get my baseball bat. :lol:
  12. Red wine? Thats just a step up from WKD/Breezer. You sure you didn't enjoy that vid? :D

  13. Three steps up!!!

    1. WKD / Breezer
    2. Designer lager
    3. White wine
    4 Red wine
    5 proper beer

    Here's a vid. for you, you lager drinker.....