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Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by Poet_Soldier, Feb 8, 2010.

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    by Alex Roissetter
    ISBN 9781906236298
    RRP £8.99
    A 121 page poetry paper back book with all poems up to a certain point from the very first till after returning from Iraq. with detailed pictures and description where each poem was written, when and what was happening at the time and what the poem is about in the writers eyes
    Available to order (from around April 2010) wherever books are sold (Amazon.co.uk, waterstone, WHSmiths, Tesco or directly from the publisher at www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk
    50p from the sale of the book will be donated to Help For Heroes


    You may remember my face from Tom McGreevy's book. "I'm A Soldier...Get Me Out Of Here" a few months back.


    Tom's Latest book, available now ! In Paperback £5.99 (GBP) or ebook download £2.99 (GBP)
    Preview or purchase from:

  2. I do, and I thought you were a self publicising annoying cnut then as well.

    No offence.
  3. I thought it was going to be Durchys newest offerings :(
  4. Not a patch on Durchy!! :D
  5. I was published before all ready without publishing myself. Sorry if some people want to tell their story mate haha
  6. Taken from the war poetry thread:

    At least I was taking the p1ss with Durchy. This bloke is actually serious...
  7. Durchy, you have a soulmate! :D
  8. :lol:
  9. Yeah me too :cry:
    Where is Durchy? Come back mate, all is forgiven :D
    You're poetic dirge is much missed. Besides you now have a follower/fan 8O
  10. Saw this one written by a squaddie:

    Shall I rise again?
    From unexpected dark descent?
    Shall I be whole again?
    To walk, to kiss and smile once more
    Along tree lined avenues,
    Or to watch you dance on golden shore,
    Under cloud strewn sky
    Over windswept plain,
    Where eagles fly,
    Your dress transparent, in the rain,
    But I shall not rise again,
    Nor lay with you in gentle rest,
    No more to run free,
    For a red stain blossoms on my chest
    Like the poppy you will wear,
    To remember me.
  11. He did his basic training
    in a cold and awful place
    and now he was a soldier
    in a real army base

    But sadly for the young man
    the days of fun would end
    for he was down for Afghan
    it was a growing trend

    From factory to hero
    how was he to know?
    within a week of landing
    it was his time to go?

    Another young life wasted
    for what? we often ask
    loss of life for nothing
    an awful thankless task

    Write a poem or a sonnet
    say its from the heart
    then get the writing published
    talk bollocks from the start

    From personal experience?
    I assume you are a clerk
    your poem is a load of shite
    in fact its out the Ark

    No feeling or expression
    No heart felt love or loss
    I would go as far as saying
    your poems are all toss


    Not so hard to do, I might get a book published.
  12. Not a bad Poem Gren, I like it. I didnt say it was hard its just the way I have released my emotions. If you don't want to buy it then thats fine with me cos I don't really give a toss. I'm losing money from making this book anyway but as long as as much as possible goes to H4H i'm fine with that.
  13. That's beautiful Gren, I'm filling up here :oops:

  14. Not vanity publishing by any chance?

  15. No, ive been speaking to sarcasticPi55take publishing actually.