A soldier dies and Becks is the lead story

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wg100, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. Its wrong. Sgt Jones from the RRF had a small tribute on the BBC news and then straight back to the Death watch of George Best, Self inflicted seems more important than the line of duty!!
  2. It's a travesty and symptomatic of the erosion of values in a society where "celebrity" is held in higher regard than true merit.
  3. I totally agree, Its utter bollox that a washed-up pi$$head takes preferance over the death of a serviceman. I really coldn't give a tinker cuss about Mr Best.
  4. It is fu!cked up!!!
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Part of the problem is the "public perception" foisted on them by the bbc etc that the war is illegal and therefore this will become another Vietnam with no mobilisation of the country, by not mobilising voters ie reg reserves the war will slip in the national conscience and you will not and have not been front page news for well over a year. If the Army wasnt in such dire straights manpower wise then would the TA be used? To be honest the question should be if we are in such a state then why arent TA units mobilised in their entirity?
    sad it is but it is no greater a reflection on Blairs cult of the celeb 1984 state than a reflection on how the lefty media wants to portray you all as baby killers. Wait thats not right, well not just yet perhaps!
    Rule No1 never talk to the press, I know they had info regarding an impending incident I was qrf for in Belfast yet chose to wait and watch the bodies than tip us off! W*nkers! the lot of them!
  6. Absolutely right Pike. We live in a society that reveres 'celebrities', many of whom have done nothing of worth. There are magazines devoted to their antics, their home lives, their latest affairs, in fact anything connected with them. There are television programmes in which people with borderline mental illness compete for their five minutes in the spotlight, imagining it will lead to a career involving no work but planty of money, just like their 'celebrity' role models.

    In offices across the country shallow, dull-witted people congregate around water coolers to discuss the affairs of people they will never know or even meet, fondly believing that in doing so their dull routine lives will in some way be enhanced.

    Meanwhile people risk their lives daily, knowingly and willingly. Ordinary people in the main, but doing extraordinary things. Their efforts go mostly unacknowledged because it's not all that fashionable nowadays to value things like honour, duty and courage. But to make the cover of 'Hello' magazine, now that's worthwhile.

    Rant over.
  7. This has already been covered in the Jonah Jones thread. I am particularly angry that the driver has not been mentioned. M was very very badly injured, and there has been nothing said outside Regimental circles as far as I can see.

    I feel a good and poitive campaign would be - " Recognise our fallen and injured" with in the beginning, letters sent to Editors in the media , getting their agreement that when one of ours falls, or is badly injured , that they are paid due respect as regards positioning in the news.

    As we have lurkers and contributors from all the major UK news services here, I'd be interested in hearing if this is possible?
  8. and you just know when he does finally pop his clogs he'll be elevated to the greatest living human ever, the nation will collectively morn from the over exposure. What a lot of Tosh. Come the revolution my friends...............come the revolution.
  9. Well I don't know about editor agreement, but surely if everyone on arrse wrote a letter to each of the national papers, then the volume of mail on the subject would maybe suggest that it was something they should cover?
  10. Can you imagine the editorial boards at the red tops.....
    Soldier killed....... hmmm, but wheres the angle?
    NI terrorists win in every respect........nah old stuff.
    Another stealth tax........hmmmm, only if it affects fuel, fags or booze.
    Erosion of civil liberties........no, we're not allowed to print that.
    Bestie's on his way out? Wow! Front page stuff, just above the latest from I'm a (non) Celebrity! Roll the presses!
  11. This is actually an aweome idea, and through the medium of desktop publishing, could be made an easy reality. I suspect that what puts most people off writing to MP's, Editors of Newspapers etc, is the process of actually composing a coherent letter, rather than the 29p for a stamp. How about if ARRSE had a letter writing campaign, whereby one or two members of the site, who have perhaps might be better at expressing themselves on paper than others, could compose a letter for any given situation, then it is made available for download from ARRSE. Either fill in the blanks using Word, or print it off and do it by hand, then post to relevant person. We could even make easily available a database of MP's, MSP's, MEP's and local politicians, as well as media contacts.

    The biggest obstactle to any sort of campaign is apathy - make it as easy as possible whilst still maintaining the integrity of the process and we are onto a winner. ARRSE has 12000 registered users. Thats a lot of letters. It's also a lot of contacts, this site has genuine power to make a difference in a lot of ways (whilst completely respecting the chain of command).

    Worth a thought...
  12. i can't be the only civvy in the world who is disgusted bythis kinda thing.
    totally agree about the apathy aspect too, get a letter together and people likely will mass mail the press. i'm definately in!
  13. E-Mail the following address and let them know how disgusted you are that an old lush gets more news time than a man who gave up his life in the line of duty.
    The Geogre Best thing really pissed me off, and has done so for the last few weeks. I have already sent an e-mail to sky news about this one , but the more people that send similar e-mails the better. Im pissed off with my subscriptions being spent cover news of an old lush, when the important news is mearly mentioned as an additional item.

  14. Databases of MPs and plastic politicians such as MSPs are already available, and have been mentioned on ARRSE before and used successfully - vide the ARRSE Electoral registration campaign, for example. There is no point in sending form letters, however, because they are not given much credence. An individual letter which shows the real feelings of the writer will always be more powerful than a template letter. There are ways of writing, particularly to MPs, to ensure an answer. What is needed is a cogent letter or two which indvidual ARRSERs then individualise. Those still serving who are considering firing off a snotagram to anyone other than their MP should be aware of the various rules and regulations, however.

    I would be happy to produce an 'ARRSERs guide to writing to politicians, journalists and other lowlife', or contribute to one with others, to include links to databases. There are already a number of stickies on this forum, but perhaps a space could be found elsewhere?