A soapy one for Obama?Tasting notes reveal wine diplomacy


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Is that right, the Cognac is 74% proof. Is it for drinking, laying down and avoiding or is it used for stripping varnish?
Your getting confused between proof and abv: Proof refers to the gravity, a 100% Proof alcohol is only 57%abv.

74% Proof is 42% Abv


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Wasnt the HoC Wine committee one of the committees which was saved from the Bonfire of the Quangos last year? No fricken wonder. I wonder how much of the stuff John Reid and that ginger lib Kennedy ploughed through in their time?
I know it's in current affairs not the naafi, but how long is this thread going to go on before someone coughs to the fact that they saw the words "a soapy one for Obama" and immediately assumed there'd be pics of him getting a soapy tit **** off his mrs?

I know I did (make that assumption, rather than receive the soapy tit ****, mores the sodding pity!)

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