A Snail in Formula One

A snail decides he wants to be a racing car driver so he gets some sponsors, forms a team and asks Bernie Ecclestone if he can enter F1. Bernie says OK but that because he's a snail he'll have to have an 'S' on his car instead of a number.
After qualifying the snail is right at the back of the grid and you can imagine the comments being made by the press and TV commentators!
The race starts, and after the first lap the snail is in 10th place. After the second lap he's third and after the third lap he's leading the field. At the end of the race the snail has lapped the whole field and as he passed the chequered flag Bernie was heard to say in admiration, "Look at that 'S' car go!".

Oh come on, 'S' car go; escargot - Froggie for snail? Well I though it was funny...

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