A small nation

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scrofula, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. ....full of the Best. To never be forgotten. For the souls of those who fell. We took the World, and the World thanked us. Better times will come. We will stand.
  2. whisky for sure
  3. 'tis a poor and luckless man who is fully drunken with no one to bezzer.
  4. you're on about Rwanda, right?
  5. He has no idea what he posts about. He just comes onto this site and posts cack.
  6. I noticed.
    But Confucius say: do not underestimate the value of the global village idiot, or the smelly hitchhiker at the side of the information super highway that connects nations, big and small.
  7. One of our greatest fau was stopping when we could have explained that people need not die to make jahudis happy, just say no more pretzels. On,on to Gretzel Green
  8. How they laugh. A Jew with a poppybox.
  9. Creme de menthe and Brasso, I reckon.
  10. Nah, Old Brown Sherry and cane for the pain, diluted with meths.
    With a soupcon of Silvo.
    Fatty :)