A small little introduction from myself to you good people

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by militaryfanatic, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Hello, well where to start. I have joined this noble website because I love all things military. I am 27 and called Steve. Since I was a child I have loved looking at Soldiers and reading about them. I think you guys have the best job in the world, and I can honestly say you are my hero's.

    I have joined as I think it will be magical to actually get to speak to some real serving hero's. I can't wait to get to know you all a lot better.

    Stay safe, and if you are anywhere hot and dangerous stay low and move fast!
  2. Shit windup Sunday's early this week.
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  3. Fuck off
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  4. Succinct and to the point.
    Well played.

    Sent from beyond the grave using the Force.
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  5. Fear not. For I am not winding you up. I am as you say, legit. I have joined this fabulous website for the reasons which I stated in my introductory posting.
  6. Fuck off then.
  7. This is already less believable than that twat Ollie.
  8. Alas, I do not have the pleasure of serving this great nation. My calling in life is somewhat less noble. For I am a security gaurd. I did try and enlist in the British Army as a Gunner in the Queens Royal Artillery regiment. However I was unable to join for personal medical reasons.
  9. Want to see some puppies.
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  10. May I ask you good fellows if I have posted this in the wrong segment of the website? As I seem to have upset many long standing and cherished members. This was not my intention, and you have my apologies.
  11. Like a lamb to the slaughter......

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  12. It's sinner on a windup
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  13. One does have to ask, why would one put a sheep in the kitchen sink?
  14. Drowning lambs, looks almost as good as drowning kittens.
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  15. It actually died before being born.

    A bit like this thread really.
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