A small 1+ or 2 Person tent

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Cheat, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. A friend of mine is off galivanting around pategonia in a few weeks and she's on the look out for a small-ish, cheep-ish tent. Its for her and an other small female, so she says that a 1+ tent should probs do the trick. I've had a look at the usual www places, was just wandering if any one here knew of any good ones off hand? Preferably under 2.5 kilos.

    T C
  2. T C

    Sure she's done her research, but needs to bear in mind that Patagonia is coming into the autumn at the moment and could be very cold/wet! The weather tends to turn around the end of Feb/mid March. I've experienced the onset of Autumn in Santiago and it will go from very hot one day to freezing & wet the next. So cheap may mean not so cosy!

    In terms of Patagonia, bear in mind it's another approx 2000 miles south so differences could be more extreme - I was there at the end of the spring (November) in 99/00 and in Torres del Paine (the Chilean Patagonian National Park) there were guys doing the top circuit who were bypassing campsites as they were flooded thro ice melt.

    Hope that helps

  3. Have a look at this:-


    Freedom Shelter.

    Dont be put off by the military design or price, they do make civvi versions, and they are available on e-bay.

    Its basically a one man multi-purpose tent/bivvi-bag/parka. Two can be clipped together to form a three man shelter.
    Its weighs in at under 5lb, and although they would need one each, they could leave their waterproofs at home. The other big benefit is that if they become seperated, they will still each have a shelter.
    Tich is right, Patagonia can be rough, if you think the weather can change fast in Wales, you aint seen nothing. The freedom shelter is four-season rated and should see them right.
  4. er no. If it throws down rain with wind for 48 hours or so, being in something the size and approximate shape of a coffin will not be good, :lol: unless it gets too hot in the tent and so the girls will have to shed all their clothes in a minature sauna..... 8O (reminder to self- take pills earlier in day)

    snow and rock doing discounts. link here worth spending money on something with a decent bell, preferably both ends.

    best bet is mountain quasar. there is an outdoor "store" near bicester, but they can be a bit funny about who they lend too :D
  5. Hmm, its all a question of personal preference SBPs. Not everyone has the spare time and rations to spend 48hrs waiting for the rain to stop, but even if you had to, two of these will form a THREE man shelter.
    I just had a look on e-bay, you can pick up a pair of these for US$86.00 + shipping.
  6. Terra Nova have a online factory shop. (Terra Nova). Thease are top quality tents. I have not bought form them myself but have a friend who has and has had no problems.
  7. patagonia inhabitated by ex welsh people so cold wet and miserable as will your friend be if she takes a cheap tent.
    spent two night camped out halfway up tryfan using vango force tens very heavy but when the gale blew we stayed dry:)
    unlike the woman in our party who insisted in taking her millets special as it was light the remains are probably still there.
    a decent tent thats going to keep you dry in wildreness conditions costs.
    you could just go with a biiv bag and a basha but we all know how comfatable that is :(
  8. I would echo this: terra-nova make very good kit. I use a voyager (2-3 person) as my standard tent - good, light 3 season kit. I have also used the Quasar on expeditions and would thoroughly recommend it too. I have also used The North Face tents, but (personal preference) prefer the Terra-Nova. The drawback is that they are quite expensive, but you get what you pay for and the 2nd hand shop seems reasonable. Force 10 is good but quite heavy.

    Go for a tent, not a bivi-bag you need somewhere big enough and dry enough to cook/do admin etc. Also make sure that it's twin layer ie breathable tent + separate fly sheet not single layer even if goretex. (Goretex does not work well if very wet or below freezing).

    If she wants, she can probably rent a tent locally (no guarantees though).

  9. Thanx for the input! Thought this thread was going to die a death! She's well into all her mountaineering etc but I'll pass on the advice about the weather.

    T C
  10. www cheaptents com - i bought a superb i person tent from them, pretty cheap and very helpful. i bought an MSR Zoid 1, however you may be better off with a 4 season tent - having said that i have found it to be very strong and very warm as it is a low set tunnel design with twin hoop poles. very stable and only 1.2kg

    good luck
  11. Got a 2 man Mountain Hardware (forget the model now..... and their web-site is being a bit on the slow side today, but it is: here ) the warrenty alone is worth the price to quote: " Repairs made in the field DO NOT invalidate any warrenty"... now thats worth its weight in gold I reckon, being a bit of a pole snapper for some reason......... Its also light strong and very well made with loads of good features such as storage nets in the roof, a little sky-light so you can check the weather without un-zipping etc etc....
  12. Just had a look Battsimm and it looks grand. Did you buy off them? Tried to have a look at prices but couldn't find a british stockist.

    T C

    Edit to add: Found a price, did you shell out $600+ for yours! 8O
  13. Try Snow and rock www.snowandrock.co.uk

    Mountain Hardware do good kit, but you'll have to pay for it.

  14. i'd echo the calls for a decent, four season mountaineering tent for that part of the world.

    Terra Nova Voyager is the cheaper, lighter end of the specification, Terra Nova Quasar, Crux X2 Bomb and Antarctica pole star (?) are the heavier, more expensive 'you'll never have to worry about the weather' end of the spec.

    North Face and Mountain Hardware tents are designed and built for a drier, less windy environment than North West Europe or the southern tip of South America, lots of mesh everywhere so while condensation free, they are cold as a witches tit.

    no such thing as a 'one man, four season tent', the Voyager is about the smallest you can get, though even two small women will fill it up very quickly with gear and cooking - wouldn't fancy spending 48hrs in one with a climbing partner.

    the Antarctica tents are probably the best of the bunch, though at £600+ they make the eyes water, if she's looking to shave a bit of the price go for a Quasar - the factory shop is very good, but she'll have to go for a good one, not a heavily used ex-demo job.
  15. Echoing the above pretty much if you want a high performance tent you have to pay the money, vango force ten have always got my vote and are quite small. millets are good for throwaway tents to take to festivals and bin (or do as i did and set light and throw over the barrier....)

    Ive also heard good things about the north face tents, anyone used these?????