A slogan for Britain what would it be (radio 4) PM

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Rattler, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. Its announced what would a Britain have for a slogan (radio 4 PM program with Eddie Nightmare)

    The UK we will sponsor and fund all minorities who dislike us?
  2. "England, a land fit for interlopers"
  3. Britain: If you don't speak English and like moaning, then this is the place for you!
  4. Britain: Come on in, the doors always open.
  5. Welcome to Britainistan....bending over now
  6. could a number of them...:

    " dont speak english?....have a hatred for white people?...believe your relegion should be practised by everyone?...then come to britain! we will give you a house for doing so!"
  7. Come In, pull up a chair, speak your own language, claim as much as you want and blow up the local residents
  8. or it could be....

    "hate deomocracy???...we , the labour government do too! immigrate today!"

    terms and conditions apply:

    must understand the human rights act.

    everytime the word muslim is used on tele ...report to watchdog

    must have a hatred for britain and the west.
  9. Crikey and i thought it would be your genuine standard

    welcome mat

    wipe your sh!tty shoes before you come in
  10. "Britain - We used to run your country"
  11. orrr........

    "is/are your wife (s) ugly?...dont worry the majority of londoners now cover their wifes faces so they look like postboxes! sign up today!"
  12. Come on in, the welfare's lovely.
  13. Great Britian - now only 12% British born people, STAMP OUT the minority!
  14. Uncommonly reserved! I am sure that will change, I look forward to the progression!
  15. Britain - "The more you pay into it, the less you get out of it."