A slogan for Britain what would it be (radio 4) PM

Its announced what would a Britain have for a slogan (radio 4 PM program with Eddie Nightmare)

The UK we will sponsor and fund all minorities who dislike us?
Britain: If you don't speak English and like moaning, then this is the place for you!
could a number of them...:

" dont speak english?....have a hatred for white people?...believe your relegion should be practised by everyone?...then come to britain! we will give you a house for doing so!"
or it could be....

"hate deomocracy???...we , the labour government do too! immigrate today!"

terms and conditions apply:

must understand the human rights act.

everytime the word muslim is used on tele ...report to watchdog

must have a hatred for britain and the west.
Crikey and i thought it would be your genuine standard

welcome mat

wipe your sh!tty shoes before you come in

"is/are your wife (s) ugly?...dont worry the majority of londoners now cover their wifes faces so they look like postboxes! sign up today!"
Britain - "The more you pay into it, the less you get out of it."
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