A slight debt problem.

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Hello everyone

My apologies if this has been done to death but could really use some tailored advice. Basically my situation is as so, I currently owe £1,800.00 to capital one, £650.00 to HSBC via an overdraft, and £1,000.00 to Halifax in form of another over draft. Only other debt I have is an agreement to pay a mobile phone bill in excess of £300.

Since resigning my job at the end of June, ive hit brick wall after brick wall and thanks to the job centre my girlfriends incap benefit has been stopped despite her not being fit for work, had a very traumatic labour less than 7 months ago, and now the tax credits havent processed are claim renewal we are now well below the poverty line and sinking fast only bringing in £386 a month at the moment, so in no position to make repayments to anyone and neither the CAB or CCCS can offer help except to tell me to make more money, believe me ive had more interviews than pam anderson has given blow jobs

I want to join the infantry anyway, thats been my long term goal but with my current situation am desperate to get started asap. Do you think with my current debt situation that it will be a problem?
Debt - Tis a complete fecker! I'm not too sure what the rules are at the moment. I know when I joined up many moons ago you had to be clear of debt problems by a certain amount of time.

My most recent lack of cash/unemployment trouble I phoned up the customer services and informed them I would no longer be giving them any money as I was skint. (Why beat around the bush!) Thankfully payment protection was in place :)

Try this lot if you're having trouble Debt Net and give your careers office a call to see what the score is.
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