A Slavvery Sahagun Day to all 15/19H and LD


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Dunno about this Ferozeshah Day stuff (see thread). Today is the 200th anniversary of the 1808 battle of Sahagun in the peninsula, in which 15H, sent round the back of the town to act as backstop to the Tinny Tenth who were supposed to charge through, found the incumbent Frenchies reacting but not 10H, so they were compelled to charge the town and slaughter the French alone.

There'll be some sore heads in the north-east, in Norfolk and wherever there are ex-15/19H and LD today and tomorrow.

Sadly now tee-total, I am with you all in spirit if not in alcohol.

"Emsdorf and Victory!"



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Bump. For 200th, read 201st.
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