A SL Stag do !!!!

Our friend Snake Shabazz , as many of you know is getting spliced next month !! & It has fallen to me to arrange a stag do. I have been on a "ahem"recce of a few strip joints etc , etc & do have a few establishments for a spiffing nights festivities to take place lined up !! Where? Snake nor I have,nt decided yet but... I can tell whoever wants to come ,the RV is at The Little Britain Pub in Everett County at 20.00h GMT on Sat 07/04. This will be well worth gettin your glads on for an evening of drunkeness , debauchary, & general blokish mayhem. Watch this thread for further info.

Many thanks LT. :p



I've PM'd some stuff that might be of help to you. I've sent Ben at www.stagshirt.co.uk you're post so he has a heads up of the plan so far, he might have some ideas for you.

Good luck fella!

Ah, cheers for the link CC-TA. Looks a good site, trouble is the staggy is a virtual one on second life. lol. I am going to a " real" one in June tho & the link has been passed to the poor sod organizing it !! Thanks once again the link.

Regards LT.

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