A Single Logistic Corps

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Outstanding, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Heard that this is being considered again - primarily as a cost saver and that it might include elements of eother existing "service" Corps, such as REME, Medics, MPs.
  2. Great. More people not knowing what each other does and creating even more empire building and animosity.
  3. You'll never take us alive Hopper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see what i did there)
  4. oh my god it didnt work for the canadians they have recently gone back to having medic's, mp's and logies in diffferent units it wont work properly thats why the canadians binned it the goverment should leave the feck alone change is not always good
  5. Didnt the Canadians try a generalist style. that could never work, hope its a bit more thought through than that. Of course it will greatly effect all if it ever came to being and would provide some interesting cross postings!!
  6. Auld-Yin

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    Would this include other non-teeth arm support troops such as Royal Artillery? :lol:
  7. What would this do to the MPC(A) who's trade would we have to follow then. We can't seem to work out what our boys are doing at the moment without more capbadges joining. Just think of the size of the cap badge would be. 8) 8O :mrgreen:
  8. It pains me to say it but, it will probably happen sooner rather than later. But not the way you think, afterall are not the REME attempting to take control of the spares issue(no pun intended). Even though one big Corp would exist, a Vm would still go to VM post and a Sup Con would still go to a Sup Con post. Cross posting could happen but would they(the great they), be happy with a Logistic Col in charge of a REME Bn and vice versa. REME do it with tiffys - Artificer unspec, believe me it doesn't always work.

    Though come to think of it, an RMP might do better in a Chef post?

    edited because i've got Fcuking great bratty fingers and this keyboard is doing my head in!!!!
  9. and the TRF!!
  10. Bloody Hell, surely you wouldn't want to reduce the quality line that much? :D :D
  11. Bloody Hell, surely you wouldn't want to reduce the quality line that much? :D :D[/quote]

    no the Loggies don't need it!
  12. Brilliant. When can you take the Royal Signals Tech Sup Specs and Drivers?
  13. Aside from the technical difficulties it would take to achieve this, there is another area which would prevent it from happening. That being the combined size of this 'supersized RLC' operating under one capbadge would be greater in numbers than the combined total of the Infantry. This is a threshold that certain red tabs wouldn't want to happen. :?
  14. when will this new super RLC becomes the Tri-Service Logistic Corps, or TLC!!!!!!!
  15. Exactly...... who in the "right" places would want to see a 3 star Loggie? :)