A signifcant pay rise??!

Discussion in 'Officers' started by BabyGreenMachine, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Good afternoon all,

    My first post comes as a red-cheeked, snotty-nosed non-grad soon to start at RMAS. I'm aware that there have been many many threads regarding the green stuff but something has popped up which I would be really grateful is someone much the wiser could clear up.
    As a non-grad i have always expected to on a salary just short of 15k, and my graduate friends to be on 23something k. However recently looking at the Army website i came across this: http://armyjobs.mod.uk/benefits/pay/Pages/Officer.aspx

    Does anyone know about this wage change? Has there been a rise out of the blue? Perhaps this is the pay rates for next fiscal year? Or is this just a massive typo?!

    Many thanks in advanced to anyone who can help.

  2. So your first lesson is that the Army lies to you. At RMAS, as you expected, you will be on Level 1 of the OF1 scale, which according to here is some £14,852.28. Once you have passed out and are commissioned, you will advance smartly to Level 5 on the same scale, a more welcome £23,475.24 and not very many beer tokens short of the £23,500 promised in the literature!
  3. There is already a thread on pay which details everything - it's about 3 or 4 threads below this.....
  4. haHa they have fixed the rates now i think there must have been a typo or something because i looked the other day to see the pay for non-grad had increased 24k only to see yesterday it had returned to 14k
  5. Does anyone join the Army because it's the best paid job they could find?
  6. At Sandhurst as a non-grad currently, what ends up in my bank at the end of the month is roughly £890, give or take. Doubt that'll change!
  7. Depends... How much can i make on the dole?
  8. Depends... Do you have any morales?
  9. J_E_P I disagee with you vehemently.

    I want to join the Army as an officer as much as the next man but I DO believe pay is important. We shouldn't be force-fed this rubbish from the MoD that the Money's good, but Not everything..

    ...No, Officers in the British Army should be duly paid. What other career puts you through 11 months of intenseified, ever-scrutinsed initiation?

    Its true that you shouldn't become an Officer FOR the money, but you should be sufficiently remunerated without having to spout MoD rhetoric and the training about how its all about the honour etc.

    Nothing makes me sadder than this metropolitan, coffee supping, fast-paced, self-centred, pretentious society we all inhabit, and for Officers to be paid the same as a poor graduate who attained a 3rd in Media Studies and works as a typist is awful.
  10. Surely you wouldn't have any morale while on the dole. Or it would be quite low, at least. Although you might have Evo Morales over for lunch if you believe in nationalizing gas companies.
  11. Some worrying stuff in here. The money is absolutely fine if you're a graduate, and even better on commission (bearing in mind you pay peanuts for food and accommodation). As a non-grad, sure, the pay could be better, but there's nothing wrong with it. And it jumps significantly on commission.

    I disagree that "It's not about the money" is simply MoD rhetoric. It can't be about the money, it has to be about personal motivation and really wanting to command soldiers in the Army. The money is perfectly fine, unless you're attempting to live some crazy lifestyle!
  12. Of course they do, the vast majority don't; but to assume that nobody does is a tad short sighted.
  13. Bearing in mind that most grads in the city start at around 25k & the ones who do well start at 40, it puts a few things in perspective. :roll:

  14. You're paid on commission? Fantastic. Glad I'm not though.

    Hmmm... I left the regular Army, worked in the City in the happy days pre-credit crunch, and while I earned well it wasn't the easy idyll so many junior officers spout about - and I very much suspect that its a lot less lucrative and secure now.

    If you think you can get a better job, stop sitting around the mess whinging that you could easily leave and earn pop-star wages in the City. Go and do it, you might get an unpleasant suprise. Quite a few of the ex-junior officers I've bumped into who were earning well were in recruitment & investment banking. I doubt they're buying new flats in Fulham now.

    I do, however, think that pay and conditions for soldiers and officers must improve. Not because "we're worth it" ( athough its true, comparisons with firefighters / police simply won't work with the gov't ) but because we are losing a significant number of officers and soldiers each year. Perhaps this will be arrested to some extent by the recession and withdrawal from Iraq, but soldiering remains a tough job. With the prospect of fierce fighting & arduous conditions in Afghanistan for the forseeable future unless pay & conditions change a significant number of us will continue to leave, no matter how uncertain the civilian job market is.

    Pay for officers is not bad, and if junior officers avoid the temptation to spank their money on random-subbie-purchases ( tax free cars, radio-controlled cars, air rifles, large mess damages on their mess bills, & I know because that *was* me ) and live like a normal 20-something year old they have a fair bit left over.

    Conditions are more important. If officers and soldiers come home from tours to live in decent accommodation, and a period of routine that doesn't involve frantically training for their next deployment that would be a great start.

    Thinking about money when you consider going to RMAS, Krankenschwester? I'd rather you didn't bother, personally.

    You want to lead men on ops? Prove yourself worthy of it. Bothered about cash as a young man? Go elsewhere.

  15. Completely agree with you there Charlie, conditions are more important than pay and that is where the (all too scarce) funding should go.

    The grass is oh so green in civvy street. If even half of the soldiers who:
    "have a mate earning £100k a year working on the oil rigs and he can get me a job earning £60k plus bonuses tomorrow"
    Went on to secure that employment then the North Sea would be un-navigable to shipping such would be the area covered by the rigs. A similar situation pervades with YO's and jobs in the city.

    I am well aware that many do go and work in these fields - but that is by no means proof that all those who claim that they are set to embark on such a career path do so. Murray Walker left the Army and made a tidy living commentating of F1 for donkeys years; it doesn't mean that there are a plethora of former Army Officers babbling on about motorsport with too much cash to count.

    We have all heard tremendous amounts of bullsh1t from former serving personnel on how well they are doing since leaving however I suspect that many miss what money cannot buy.

    As for junior officers not spanking their money away - I would be sad to see the day when pointless purchases are not de-rigueur in every mess in the land!