A sign of the times-mobile phone story

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. The following news story, which occurred some time ago in the USA (where else) has just been brought to my attention and I thought I might share it with you, together with some Bloggers replies:

    A 39 year old woman passenger, Lekaysha Beard of Tigrid, Oregon, was pulled off an Amtrak train by police at Salem in Oregon, after passengers complained that she was speaking too loudly on her cellphone for 16 hours, non-stop, in a Quiet Zone carriage of the passenger train where cellphones are banned.

    She complained that she felt "disrespected" by the way she had been treated - despite the fact she acted aggressively towards other passengers and refused to comply with all reasonable requests from other passengers and train conductors.

    She had allegedly been talking non-stop since boarding at Oakland, California until being removed at Salem, Oregon, aided by Amtrak's charging points to keep her cellphone topped up.

    Bloggers replies (try to guess their ethnicity)

    * Good ! She was disrespectful to other passengers.

    * Other passengers should have just kept quiet and thrown on a pair of earphones.

    * I can't believe Amtrak, - not a legitimate reason to be thrown off a train.

    * My opinion doesn't matter, its up to Amtrak who operates the train.

    * Those other passengers must be racists

    * I always find it ironic that whenever people like to annoy, irritate and aggrevate others, its always them who say they are disrespected.

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  2. The clue to her ethnicity was in her use of the word "disrespected".
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  3. Is this supposed to be "black woman thrown off train by white devils despite being a major pain in the arse"? I really don't get the point of this "story".
  4. I really don't get the point of this story either.
  5. The point is not to start a racist rant, merely a description of how mobile phones have contributed to the overall ignorance of some people's behaviour !
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  6. Wish you could buy these here in UK
  7. That picture would make a great caption contest.
  8. More to the point why wasn't she in handcuffs after having been tasered by a Swat team? Johnnie Cochran needs something to work with.
  9. Creed has feck all to do with the noisy ignorant cow getting on everyone's' tits does it? Get off the fcuking train. Same goes for hard of thinking boring cnuts on the trains here.

    Plenty of fuel for these modern tales of mobile phones and Sodafone. Take one old codger mate of mine, getting a war pension, mental health issues, eyes and ears not good, trying to exchange his contract mobile within the cooling off period, because he can't quite see his screen. Carillon centre, East Midlands town.

    Sodafone sales blerk spends an hour trying to get him to keep his shitty bling phone, when matey wants a big screen, perhaps a Galaxy S2 for the same price. Matey gets humiliated in the shop, while sodafone sales youth refuses to give him a bigger screen. In the end, sodafone shop manager has enough of mate and gives him the S2, only to stick £300 on his phone bill, discovered at Christmas. Matey enquires of ethnic minority sales person as to why the £300 has been charged. Answer? No idea, ask Sodafone. They don't know or won't say, either. Upshot is, matey refuses to pay Sodafone for shit service and unexplained big bills. Sodafone sells the debt to Grunt Bump and Grabbit Debt Collectors and he now owes £1500. Nice.
  10. Subtitles on Ceefax.
  11. I bet the story is made up though.
  12. "16 hours" talk time?