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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. Ok, back in about '98 I was seeing an ex Combat Medic for a while. She had a sister of the bean-flicking variety and, being the only bloke when we went out as a group, sooner or later the question of Male v Female imagination came up. Someone suggested we could settle it by each writing a Lesbian Lust story, to be read in the pub a couple of weeks later.

    At the reading, of course, Male imagination won hands down.

    The down side was, about 3 months later, the girl i was seeing moved in with her (female) boss. Given the sister's leanings, may have been genetic, but I like to think that "Intercity Introduction" by Witney Wilt ( 8O )may have played a small part.

    So why am I posting this here? Cos I've just found the disk it was on and would like to share. Probably too tame for MDN et al, but what the hell......
  2. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Virgin Trains 16:25 service to London Waterloo, due to call at ........"

    Sarah looked out of the dirt smeared window at the suburban houses with their neat, regulation gardens. "It's a load of crap", she thought. "Everyone living in their neat little boxes following neat little lives by the neat little rules." Leaning back, she stretched her legs and felt her stonewashed Levis sliding slightly against her calves. She'd always liked that feeling; like the first stretch as you wake, your body sliding between the bedclothes and discovering patches of cool, fresh linen between the parts your body warmed in the night.

    She reflected how her own life ran perfectly to the rules. The routine of work, socialise, sleep, day after day after day. She enjoyed her job but could never find enough money; could always find someone to go out with, but didn't really enjoy their company.

    Picking up her copy of Red magazine she flipped through the pages, less reading than blotting out the thought of how lonely she was. Just another Thirtysomething committed to work and casual aquaintances.

    "It's a load of crap"

    Startled, Sarah looked up to see that a Jamaican girl had sat down opposite her. Obviously Jamaican and obviously proud of it. Her jet black hair, even darker than Sarah's own, fell to her bare shoulders in a glossy wave around a confident chocolate-brown face. Her tight fitting top worn low to reveal the silky smooth cleavage of her perfect, unsupported, breasts.

    "I'm sorry?" asked Sarah, pleased for the chance to talk to someone. "That cover story `20s or 30s: When is the right time to have a baby?`. It's a load of crap. There's no `right time` to fuck up your life with a quick fuck gone wrong. I'm a nurse and I see it all the time. Oh, I'm Cassie.

    "Sarah. Nice to meet you. Are you always this up-front with strangers?" For a second she felt Cassie's eyes on her own, then the Jamaican laughed. "Best way to meet people. That's if you don't scare 'em off first! Fancy a coffee?"

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, this train is now running approximately 15 minutes late. This is due to ....."

    Sarah was never sure if Cassie spilt the drink by accident or not. She remembered the shock as the coffee spurted over her, and Cassie taking her to the toilet to change her clothes and offer first aid.

    Stripped to her bra, Sarah stood in the cramped cubicle as Cassie removed her own top, wet it under the tap, and started to wash the hot liquid from her breasts. As the cold water ran over them she felt her nipples harden, as much from her partner's touch as from the cold.

    She was confused by the mixture of emotions welling up inside her. Surprise mixed with a fear of new experience, outside her hum-drum life. She'd never been promiscuous. Never had a one-night-stand. And certainly never thought of going with another woman! But mixed with the fear and confusion was an overwhelming excitement.

    The physical sensation of Cassie's touch was electric and the emotional effect of her expertly sensitive hands and mouth took her desire to new heights. She wanted this girl and she wanted her here, now, on a public train.

    With a sharp intake of breath she pulled Cassie towards her and felt her swollen tit enter the warm, wet, chasm of the Jamaican's mouth. Her heart raced as she responded to the unfamiliar touch of another woman's body against her. Cassie was slow, deliberate, teasing; her tongue exploring the soft, creamy flesh offered it. Her hands were probing, caressing, stroking every exposed inch of Sarah's body.

    It seemed to go on forever. Every second brought new sensations, heightened pleasures and stronger desires. She was responding with every ounce of drive in her hot body. Holding the black girl to her. Kissing her. Running her fingers over the smooth, dusky, naked back.

    Sarah reached down to undo the fastening of her jeans. She slid her right hand down to the wet heat of her pussy and her left reached up to tease Cassie's swollen nipples. As the rhythm of the train urged them on, Cassie's face came up to meet hers and their tongues fought to taste each other's mouth.

    The train was slowing now and Sarah was gasping for breath as Cassie worked her mouth slowly, inch by inch, over her partner's tits, down to her stomach and past into the flowing juices between her legs. She savoured the warm tastes of lust, toying with the entrance to their source, catching every drop on her tongue or in her mouth, mixing with her saliva, gulping them in or letting them dribble from her lips.

    She let her hands slide down to Sarah's arse and pulled the hot, waiting pussy against her, impaling it on her flickering tongue; probing deeper and deeper as it's owner's cries rose to a sudden, deafening orgasm.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologise for the late arrival of this service and any inconvenience it may have caused."
  4. Yes LJH, I'd say it's worthy of a Pullit Surprise... :wink:
  5. You should write for Razzle 8O :D
  6. You should write for Virgin, they could do with some good publicity!.
  7. You don't have much luck do you Jack? :(
  8. Wow dude that's a pretty impressive story! :D
  9. Why thank you, Squirt :D

    And no, I don't Duck - but guess they're the ones missing out in the end

  10. Your missus didn't think so.......that's why she fcuked of with yer mate. Tosser.

  11. No, mate, that was because she was the Evil She-Spawn of Satan and couldn't handle my almost Godlike purity of thought and deed ;)

    Anyway, it wasn't my mate it was the bloke wot came to read the gas meter. Oh, and stop signing your posts "Tosser" - I'm sure you're not that bad in real life. Well, pretty sure .... :lol:
  12. Whatever Lonely, whatever. Tosser.