A short R44 flight

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Fred_Frog_1987, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. They all get out ok...

    R44 hangar incident

    Nice that the pilot apologises for nearly turning them into jam.
  2. guess that now makes it an R3/4 :)
  3. Tail strike?

    Just where do you think the tail is on an R44, Fred? Looked like the main rotor struck the lip on the hangar to me.
  4. must admit, the first time i watched it i assumed it was a tail strike. for some reason i thought the hangar was to the left. but i think you're right, think right hand side of disc hit the hangar. cameraman had back to hangar whilst filming i think.

    what a mong pilot :) quite surprised everyone walked away.
  5. One less fucking Robbo to worry about anyway.
  6. Flash, thanks for pointing that out, have edited the original post.

    I'd better strike off 'Accident Investigation Team' from my list of potential future careers.
  7. And catalogue model...... unless its spark plugs :D
  8. It's like an Eric Sykes film.

    There are two ends to that thing you know!
  9. I read the NTSB report.

    The guy claimed that the pax in the left hand seat inadvertantly used their 'knee' to apply pressure to the cyclic and that is what caused the movement towards the hangar....except the video doesn't show any movement towards the hangar!!

    If you're going to lie...