A shock to the system


Im unfit.

This is something that came as a slight shock to me this weekend. I just transfered from the UOTC to the real TA.I suppose i should have seen it coming really.

IM just wondering how i increase my tabbing and running fitness my raw strength is acceptable but its my tabbing that i crash and burn at. secondly the inside edge of my ankles becomes absolute agony after about 3 mile, just below the ball of the ankle joint itself.

Im thinking your answer is going to be along the lines pick up your bergen and go tabbing you weak individual...but you never know. i may get suprised.



Grow a backbone and grit your teeth yal lazy cnut.
More running for fitness (no magic solution, just miles under your belt - and at a reasonable speed too); zinc oxide tape for blisters (plus ensure your boots are well worn-in). If its joint-related, see a physio - don't wreck your ankles.
you may be pronating your feet when you walk causing strain on the deltoid ligament just below your ankle joint.See if your local hospital has an orthodynamics clinic where they can analyse your walking action and advise you on how to correct it.


by pronating i assume you mean pointing outwards?? Im seeing the doc anyway soon, so i will mention it.

yeah, the boots thing may be an issue, ive just got a new set of issue boots and a new set of lowas. so that could be a problem

so in short the general consensus is tab more to be fitter for it?

what about building up to the weight and distance? just increase it incrimentally over time?
pronating is when your feet roll inwards onto their inner edge
go for long walks - find a block of flats and walk up the stairs.

just increase gradually - jog at least twice a week, only a few miles to start.

go swimming once a week

just work on your basic stamina and general fitness.

then start to get specific - work on your upper(arms and shoulders), middle(abs and core strengtheners) and lower muscle groups (glutes and legs)

and just build upon what youve already started


Start slow, work up.

Tabbing (ie weight plus boots plus tarmac) kills most people to begin with. Try it on grass. Best still is to get out to the hills. Go with a daysack and start with a shorter routes and build up. Beasting up a hill is the best phys, plus you get nice views and don't have to pay for it.

Run without weight in proper PT kit (decent trainers!) for day to day phys and try to get out on the weekends for a tab on the hills.


Im already reasonably used to hillwalking. ive got some experience and the military mlt. what kills me is the half walkey half runney pace, and the change of pace from doubling to gentle stroll at random intervals.

ive put a new set of insoles in my boots and am starting to tab along the beach front, if the concrete makes my feet grumpy i can move to the compacted sand. Im also swimming 1 and gyming it twice a week.

cheers guys. much appreciated

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