A shit deal.

South Africa is turning into a turd world shithole.

How very unexpected.


" The BBC's Mohammed Allie in Cape Town says there is no doubt that housing and sanitation are a real problem in Cape Town but many people are asking why these protests have only taken place in Cape Town, when the same issue exists elsewhere in the country".

I thought he was dead.
No it isn't. It is a beacon shining to the world powered by the saintly glow of St Nelson of Sharpsville demonstrating the way forward for the rainbow nation to become the economic powerhouse which will eclipse Taiwan within 5 years.
So did the penniless gibson people have better living conditions under the racist Apartheid regime?
You racist swine. Luckily for you, I've fixed your vile, disgusting post. You just can't use the B word these days, the mods will be all over your arrse for that, you see if they aren't.
Oddly enough, it seems that you aren't. Where I live we have two wheely bins per household, a green one and a black one. The council are changing our collection days, and have sent us all a marked up calender saying when the GREY bin and the green bin will be collected. So no, you are not allowed to use the word "black" it seems.

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