A shameless plug....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BaldricksBullet, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. OK it's Valentines and your in trouble if you haven't sorted out a gift. Fine if you're in Blighty... the traditional flowers and love lolly will go down a treat... but what if you're on Ops...???

    Well how about this... a silver necklace (£16 a third what you'd pay normally) without bullet. My missus nabbed one from my stock before I came home to check the post. New on 7-62.com as of today. Problem is that you'd have to order today or tommorrow to get it on time (Mon 1600hrs at a stretch)

    So that's it... plug over.

  2. And if you're scratching your balls in Iraq and wondering what to send your BOYFRIEND...

    How about a SHAMELESS PLUG


    (NOT sold at 7-62)
  3. Ideal if your other half is fifteen or a caravan dwelling benefit scrounger.
  4. The bullet I wish to give to a loved one is still in the case which is chambered.

    Women are whores and need to be culled before and after their openings have been gang raped.
  5. And one last one for the ladies... you know he deserves it...

    Now prove you've got more money than sense and that you love him more than he could know and are proud of his devotion to his country and family and ... and... and...

    Every single Arrser wants one... (honest... trust me... thousands wouldn't)


    Solid Sterling Silver Zippo (1941 style)... The perfect PoW bribe to get you past Oberstampfubenfuhrer Szzzmitt at the gate and back home soon.

    That's it: the end. I'm done now... Any other pictures of shameless plus here please
  6. Nice one GB. Do they allow you to carry a gun as part of your job?

    I can just imagine what the press would make of this.
  7. Bloody hell GB, it's time you went to a group and said "I have issues"... Yo're either looking at a loney life or Shameless Plug No2!
  8. You've obviously not read much stuff in the NAAFI then...
  9. Nor read much in the press!!!! See all anti-Kira threads
  10. A rifle or weapon, yes but carry a gun? My arms aren't big enough.

    You're a civvie.
  11. If you care to include the QRIH and UDR badges then I'll give you a sale, but they're not in your gallery.
  12. That picture would be more true to life if it was smeared in faeces, clots of blood and had a smattering of thick, black anal hairs on it.
  13. It'd be more erotic, too.
  14. No... if you could only see the base on the arrse of a teenage botty fresh of the "I ran away from home" train at Kings Cross... then that'd be erotic!

    Oh sh1t... you've got to me MDN... I've hit the bottom ( :thumleft: and seem to have a condom on my thumb). Note in girly diary: stop logging onto ARRSE
  15. Check tomorrow... I'll do all I can. (I guess it's the drink that's making me feel embarrased that they're not there... another potchein (you spell it) barman.