A shameless plug! - New Book "Up The Hammers - The West Ham Pals"

An old friend of mine has just had his book put into paperback. He asked me ages ago if I could pinpoint an area in France based on a couple of old pencil sketch maps and some trench maps. It later transpired he was researching where his Great Grandfather served during WW1 and through the culmination of a lot of research, he's managed to put together a book and get it published in paperback. It's also available for Kindle. Really pleased to see the project reach fruition for him and even more pleased to get a little bit of credit for helping to tidy up some tattered photos from those terrible times.

Link to the paperback is on Amazone here:

Up The Hammers!: The West Ham Battalion in the Great War 1914-1918: Amazon.co.uk: Elliott Taylor: Books

Quick breakdown of the book:

Read the true story of the West Ham Battalion volunteers in the Great War. Updated from the original Kindle version (which has also been updated), this paperback features even more never-before-seen photographs and newer information. A century ago some of them were employed at the Thames Ironworks while many of them supported their local team with a flat cap passion. All the men came from within West Ham Utd’s traditional areas of support, from Stepney to Silvertown, Leyton to Limehouse, Barking to Bow and everywhere in between. A few of them were underage while many were actually overage but they all stood up in January 1915 and volunteered in the Hammers to defend the things they held dear. Not many of them came home. Read this exciting untold story and share in their pride and sadness, the good times and bad – from basic training on Wanstead Flats and route marching along Green Street in 1915 as riots erupted around them, through to the deadly meat-grinder of the Somme in 1916 and finally their epic last stand at Cambrai in 1917 – the same year West Ham Utd were crowned Champions of the the Southern Combination League, ahead of Chelsea and Millwall. It’s a story every West Ham supporter should know and goes a long way to explain the reasons behind the memorial plaque to the Hammers beside the club shop entrance. Over a decade of research has revealed long forgotten people and memories. It’s a story of local pride, the like of which will never come again. Through official documents, eye-witness accounts, diaries, newspaper reports and nearly 60 never before published photographs of the West Ham Battalion you will discover the men, their private and collective battles and their ultimate fate.


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I shall check this out from amazon.
Your thread title confused me for a couple of seconds because I also have a thread titled a shameless plug also about a book written by my son who is autistic.
I wonder how the west ham book would of been if they were joined by Millwall
The author has been in contact with me and is keen to offer up a signed copy for the H4H auctions. Does anyone know who the mod is that I need to pass on his details to take up this offer?


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contact Grown-up-rafbrat.

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