A shameful weekend - FA cup & BAFTA awards

Sorry if this has been mentioned already.

Is it just me or are we Brits losing our sense of pride and decorum. The FA Cup had a worldwide audience of approx 500 million and some of the greatest names in British football were meant to be honoured. Unfortunately what we witnessed was the disrespectful booing of those being honoured. Equally, when Prince William tried to officially open the new stadium there wasn't the slightest bit of respect shown.

Finally, one of the greatest writers in british drama was supposed to be honoured at the BAFTA's last night. This has been responsbile for some of the greatest british programmes, raised millions and millions through comic relief and other charities and hardly anyone accept the guys on from Little Britian bothered to get off their arrse to show respect.

All we saw was that nobody Chantelle Houghton pouting with a face like a smacked arrse.

Rant Over. :evil:
Re the FA Cup, i wish they wouldn't bother getting singers, that most people probably have never heard of to sing before the game, personaly there would be nothing better than 90,000 supporters singing Abide with me and the National anthem at a decent tempo, than the slow warble we have to endure.


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