A & SH or PWRR ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rhino_Stopper, May 18, 2004.

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  1. After seeing PWRR on the BBC last night who did fix bayonets...?

    Great quote from the Coy Commander - Maj James C.." We won the battle but we haven't won the war yet....."

    Good drills gentlemen !
  2. According to the Sun, it was the A and SH. It was the Sun though, so this might need verification!
  3. Typical glaswegians - always wanting to use a knife to do the dirty work :D
  4. Excellent quote from 'a British military source' re insurgents' tactics from the Times: "You have to wonder what makes them start a battle that leads to a 28-nil defeat". :)
  5. Well done that 'British Military Source'. That is exactly what we need; a few classy quote showing classic British Understatement. :D :D :D :D

    It should start to seperate us from the usual Sceptic dribble of

    'Yeehaa - we woooped their arrses!' w@nkers
  6. It is not the Argylls, it is not the PWRR, it is the British Soldier!!
    We all follow the same syllabus, go to the same training centres and follow the traditions of our regiments and the ethos of the British Army.

    It is time all the do-gooders, amnesty internationals, mirrors and piss morons shut their gobs and paid some reverence to the people that volunteered their lives to protect them. Actions speak louder than words. They go about doing their duty silently with the minimum of fuss and are ready for battle. The british citizen should rest in peace that the D-Day spirit is alive and well and we have the men and women in uniform that we have always had. Words are for the ones left behind.
  7. Whoever it may be- these chaps have done bloody well, and their professionalism and courage in the face of overwhelming opposition reminds me of why I am so proud to be wearing her Majesties uniform.

    Fcuking aye!
  8. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Not exactly, that's the RHF, then nick your watch, wallet etc. A&SH are from Stirlingshire, that's why RHQ is in Stirling Castle.
  9. Are we forgetting that the PWRR was getting stuck in there too??
    Maybe it is because they can't shoot for shit! Falling plates??? Just run up there and stab them!!
  10. Don't knock it, it worked. The old quote of "they don't like it up 'em" seems to apply.


    Now if I could only work out how to attach a bayonet to my 9mm.


    On a slightly differnet tack, one of the PWRR's forebears was the Middlesex Regt - the orginal Diehards. No vests in sight at Albuhera, I'm not sure about bare feet though.
  11. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    SoldierAndy said
    "It is not the Argylls, it is not the PWRR, it is the British Soldier!!"

    Fair enough except if it is your Regiment that is on the line for disbanding. Any good press at the moment for any infantry unit with the climate at Shitehall is welcome.
  12. Even more so I am hoping that after such performance no regiment will be scraped but they will look at the British Army as a whole. I doubt the suits at Shitehall look at capbadges. At any rate PWRR is a brand new regiment. To be amalgamated already would be bone. The Argylls have got away with it for a long time.

    On another note, I am afraid not much has been written in the press about the succesful engagements the boys in Iraq have been in lately. Are they afraid that instead of a morale booster to the public and govt it would serve only as a more pressing reason for withdrawal? Is it politically incorrect and too hard on our sensitivities to kill the enemy? We soldiers applaud our colleagues performance but does the public see it as a morale booster and 'well done the boys' or 'is it time we pulled out- they don't like us here'? Are we proving things are not going smoothly?
    Is that why all the hush?

    Anyway whatever. As far as I am concerned a few more pages have been written in glorious regimental histories of the british army.
  13. Do the Argylls still have razor blades sewn into the lining of their caps? :wink: :wink: :wink: (sorry, have been re-reading George MacDonald Fraser of late). Top marks for the understatement regarding the action - if the Yanks had done this methinks their soldiers wouldn't be able to move right now for the all the gongs being thrown at them. Hats off to the PWRR aswell.
  15. GGG wrote


    On a slightly differnet tack, one of the PWRR's forebears was the Middlesex Regt - the orginal Diehards. No vests in sight at Albuhera, I'm not sure about bare feet though.[/quote]

    At the moment I belive that it is 2PWRR in the area and their antecedents were the Royal Sussex Regiment, aka 3rd Bn Queen's Regiment, and the rump of the Hampshires.
    Nonetheless, good drills and a great result all round, no matter whose sticker got stuck in!