A Sexual Scenario

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by allyjs, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Right, you've just taken your lady out to see a boring romantic film and a over priced meal.

    She wants to re-pay you for your "kindness" (get in :hump: )

    So, she goes down on you with the eagerness of a mong to a ice cream, dribble everywhere.

    Obviously you don't tell her whats about to happen and shoot your gravy in her mouth. She swallows, shes a classy bird, then she comes up for a proper frenchie kiss.

    What do you do?

    Do you take the kiss and risk the taste of your own man-fat?

    Or, do you say OI NO filthy bitch wash your mouth out.
  2. I like to taste my own own man-fat without having to pass my good ladys mouth first.
  3. If she has to endure the taste why the hell shouldnt you.....bloody men...
  4. I know a guy thats quite happy to explode on his own face, so its a case of each to their own :p
  5. You should snowball yourself repeatedly until you get used to the taste and it doesn't become a shock to you.
  6. Do you actually have to ask?? :?

    Good grief . . . . . :roll: 8)
  7. You forgot to throw her a "Thank You" Rabbit Punch???

    No manners I tell you.
  8. You get your own back by giving her a hoop Dhobi then give her a shitty kiss.

    Or always make sure there is a drink near by for her to freashen her breath with.

  9. Jeez you are all heart, how could a woman possibly resist you.......
  10. Is it an Arrser???
  11. For the full on taste experience, shoot your load up her, then give her a good licking afterwards.

    Alternatively, see if you can get the job of 'stoker' on a 'train', then you get to taste all your mates' leavings as well.
  12. if she gargled. maybe.
  13. Usually they kick about a bit, bite (unless their head is already in the postal sack), scream, just the normal stuff.
  14. going to say a woman would need re-paying for that lol.....yes and always use your manners. It can turn girls on....lol
  15. LOL how often does this have to be done to become de-sensitised? Does it require rib removal, i'm thinking of the bank balance here?