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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Can you be arrested for telling someone to "fuck off"? Any Rozzers know the answer?

    I don't mean on here, I mean in the street.

    Would it be up to a judge and jury to decide if the person you told to "fuck off" deserved the advice administered or is telling someone to "fuck off" an immediate offence with lots of paperwork?

    I say this because I told an old woman to "fuck off" today and she threatened to report me to the RSPCA, which was a bit odd, imho.

    It's a grey area.

    I don't tell everybody I meet to "fuck off", just the ones who deserve it. But my notion of 'deserving' may be at odds with society's.
  2. Fuck off.
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  3. Did she catch you slipping her Scotty a crippler?
  4. But does it make a difference if you tell me to fuck off in a mildly comical way, or if you have real menace in your voice as you lean over my pram and shout "fuck off" with an angry voice?
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  5. oh fuck off

    (Well it is the NAAFI)

    No idea mate guess it depends on what mood the police are in, circumstances, was it said in a threatening manner all sorts of variables
  6. I think technically its GBH, but the level of harm is how she reacted, if she fainted in shock at your outburst you would get bounced hard, if she told you to fuck off as a reply, you'ld be labelled as bad as each other.
  7. Well it was more threatening to the old bag I told to "fuck off" than to me. But that's my point. Could I have been nicked for verbal assault or for saying "fuck off" in a threatening manner?

    If it's down to the mood of Plod on the day, I think there's an issue here, to be frank.
  8. Who the fcuk is Frank, is he ex Signals?
  9. Yes. It's called 'abusive or threatening language" and one of my soldiers got smashed with it last year.
  10. I have no idea. But how can you tell an old bag to "fuck off" without being in the eye of Mr Plod 'threatening' for doing so? GBH? Jesus!! All these variables are a load of bollocks, imho. If it's against the law to tell someone to "fuck off", then so be it. I put my hands up to that, but if it's a matter for debate, then there's summat wrong.
  11. That's me fucked then.

    Have you ever been to Tesco Catterick?
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  12. According to my mate (in no way treat this as true he's a PCSO) No.
    Telling someone to fuck off is not something a copper would arrest you for, however is classed as anti social behaviour.
    In cases where threats of violence are involved you may well be arrested and taken away for a good bumming.

    Without a doubt there will be a monkey along any minute to tell us we're all cunts and talking shit then arrest us all for swearing.
    Or pandaplopper will turn up and bore seven different colours of shit out of us.
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  13. It's that sense of understanding when someone deserves to be told to "fuck off", whether they're pulling a knife on you or just wearing a really shitty tie.
  14. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Wasn't there a recent ruling/case in HM Courts where M'Learned Judge said that it is OK to tell the filth to fuck off and the aforementioned filth should be prepared to accept the fuck off as part and parcel of the job?
    I recall the filth being mightily pissed off about it but they can fuck off anyway.

    Ergo : If it is OK to tell the filth to fuck off then it must be OK for the rest of the population including (especially) elderly ladies.
    Not sure about the RSPCA though.
  15. Can cost you a night in the cells..(so I've been told) and Tesco s in Catterick is an experience I savour normally after visiting the market/carboot/pikey stalls at the racecourse on a Sunday..I tell all them to fuck off too!
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