A Serious Question about Gayers!

So if there was this possibly gay bloke who seemed to want to get you horizontal but was giving you free stuff, would you go along with it until the actual homosexuality thing came into...errr...play, as it were?
What free stuff are you getting? :twisted:
I think you'll find that the correct term is 'Gayist'.


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Don't run! I promised it wouldn't hurt. But now that you have told everyone else, I may have to be strict with you!
Proximo said:
/has a new camera
Here's some free advice...take the camera!, they are expensive and you might only feel cheap for a while afterwards.
Dread said:
What kind of camera?

If just a cheap Canon or some other bólloxs them kick him in the nadgers.

If however it is a Hasselblad CF-39MS then I would happily take it up the ricker without lube for one :)

Clicky for ultimate porn camera
Damn I should have held out at Jessops...now I do feel cheap :wink:
Big problem with gays (men).....they cost money either to MOD MEDICAL SERVICES or NHS.........

free issue's of paper nappies/diapers...and later surgical repair of the arrse!......and if sectioned under the mental health act......they can get free extra's......!!!!!!!!
If you've got a free camera for nowt, try fcuking him up the Arrse. He may even pay you.



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Will he get you a nice car? That's worth taking it up the pooper, but only if it's an Audi or something, not a Ford.

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