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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TABBER, Feb 20, 2003.

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  1. After the last 6-12 months of talk, reviews, rumour and tests. And after the recent introduction of the A2 and with reference to the upcoming conflict. I wondered what the general consensus was on this age old question.
  2. A variant of the SLR, the DS Arms mini SA58 OSW. It's basically the SLR brought up to date. Cut down barrel, folding stock. Most importantly, it's still good old 7.62
    The calibre of hetros and all round good eggs alike.
  3. If going on simple reliability and nothing else - the SLR.  Long, heavy, limited magazine capacity, iron sights as standard etc etc.......however, when you pulled the trigger you could rely on it going bang and not click.
  4. HK G3 (A4)

  5. I swear by the HK family of weapons.  Built to work in all conditions, with max stopping power.
  6. a cut down FAL in 7.62 are you mad. ;D how controlable is this weapon when firing? SLR was bad enough when you got the opportunity to play with LMG mags and blast 30rds at the butts as fast as you could.

    G36 family would be a good choice the family has a carbne and a short carbine that would be ideal for armoured vehicle crews and support services. The clip together mag system is excellent coupled with the fact the mags are clear plastic so it easier to keep track of rounds.
  7. Like the advert sez, "the choice of proffesionals" baby.
    Hubba Hubba
  8. yes but G36's are selling very well to armies and the Law enforcement community.
  9. Stopping power with the HK53............is that with the empty cases?   ;D vaguely remember them coming out at a rate of knots and hurting like a bag of hurty things
  10. The thought of reducing the barrel length of a heavy calibre rifle such as the SLR would be about as much use as a fish with a hat-rack.

    A target at 100yds would look like a box of ammo had gone off on the firing point. Anyone who has fired the No5 Jungle carbine will testify that after firing 15 rounds you want to go home to mummy and be kissed better.

    HK family seem to be the answer, rather than compromise on barrel length they have given a folding stock to compensate for length. As for accuracey again bob on however not sure the rotating rear sight is the answer. All the blokes now seem spoilt with the SUSAT how easy would it be to maintain marksmen ship and resort to iron sights?
  11. MDN, I seem to remember you walking around the block with a Magnum pistol/handcannon.  What happened to your favorite subject after the handgun ban?