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A serious issue lately


After the last 6-12 months of talk, reviews, rumour and tests. And after the recent introduction of the A2 and with reference to the upcoming conflict. I wondered what the general consensus was on this age old question.
A variant of the SLR, the DS Arms mini SA58 OSW. It's basically the SLR brought up to date. Cut down barrel, folding stock. Most importantly, it's still good old 7.62
The calibre of hetros and all round good eggs alike.
If going on simple reliability and nothing else - the SLR.  Long, heavy, limited magazine capacity, iron sights as standard etc etc.......however, when you pulled the trigger you could rely on it going bang and not click.
HK G36



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a cut down FAL in 7.62 are you mad. ;D how controlable is this weapon when firing? SLR was bad enough when you got the opportunity to play with LMG mags and blast 30rds at the butts as fast as you could.

G36 family would be a good choice the family has a carbne and a short carbine that would be ideal for armoured vehicle crews and support services. The clip together mag system is excellent coupled with the fact the mags are clear plastic so it easier to keep track of rounds.


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yes but G36's are selling very well to armies and the Law enforcement community.
Stopping power with the that with the empty cases?   ;D vaguely remember them coming out at a rate of knots and hurting like a bag of hurty things
The thought of reducing the barrel length of a heavy calibre rifle such as the SLR would be about as much use as a fish with a hat-rack.

A target at 100yds would look like a box of ammo had gone off on the firing point. Anyone who has fired the No5 Jungle carbine will testify that after firing 15 rounds you want to go home to mummy and be kissed better.

HK family seem to be the answer, rather than compromise on barrel length they have given a folding stock to compensate for length. As for accuracey again bob on however not sure the rotating rear sight is the answer. All the blokes now seem spoilt with the SUSAT how easy would it be to maintain marksmen ship and resort to iron sights?
Stopping power with the that with the empty cases?   ;D vaguely remember them coming out at a rate of knots and hurting like a bag of hurty things

Too true !!  Everyone says that about this weapon.  Even the bang it made shook the very ground around you.  Can remember being struck with a spent cartridge on the ear.  Spent the rest of the range day wimpering to myself with an ear that had turned purple.
The government in thier wisdom took it upon themselves to ban all pistols unless antiques, as apparently a luger bullet doesn't hurt as much as a browning round.

As a result we have a ll benefitted fromt eh reduction in armed crime etc........NOT....but lets not get me started on that one....

Well OK just a little then... In the Year handguns were banned more people spontaneously combusted and there were also more deaths as a result of faulty lightbulbs than by the LEGALLY owned firearms

Perhaps the start of a new thread in this somewhere..
It's a confusing subject.  I have, what I think is, a healthy interest in guns.  I had always planned to take up shooting via gun clubs when I left the Army, but the Gov put paid to this.  There has been much hype and stigma attached to users of hand guns/rifles, but the vast majority are/where law abiding people.  I don't even want to indulge in buying deactivated or replica weapons, as again I don't want to create a reputation with the neighbours as the local gun nutter/weirdo.  I even get slagged off in work by workmates who catch me looking at websites about guns.  One actually believes that one day I'm gonna come into work with a bad temper and shoot everyone !!  Some people have an interest in stamp collecting, some have an interest in collecting train numbers (wannkers).  I like holding, shooting, stripping firearms.


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the G36 has a built in optical sight.

7.62mm is out so forget the SLR/G3 NATO standard is and will probably be 5.56mm for the forseeable future.
And it does have a few drawbacks it long and cumbersome the cut down variants will not have the accuracy or be controlable by smaller soldiers.

HK53 is really a SMG and the G36C/K would be a beter option. The Hk33 rifle variants are being superceeded by the G36 it does appear to be gaining popularity. The spanish replaced their 5.56mm CETME L's with them and the Germans seem very happy with them.

would any one like to sugest replacements for the 9mm browning GP 35(L9A1)?
few sugestions HK P8, Browning Mk3, Sig p226, Glock 17


Sorry to be a pedant nurse but in theory the HK53 is not an SMG but a carbine as it is a shortened rifle (variant of the HK33) in a simailar relationship the M4 has with the M-16 as SMG's traditionally take a pistol cartridge or a shortened rifle cartridge (such as the M1).  However, it would be my choice as it is the most natural to shoot weapon I have ever used. as for pistols it has to be a Sig variant (good enough for the boys, good enough for me and already proven by UK).

Just an interest point for those still wedded to 7.62, Royal Ordanance produced a limited number of MC51's which is basically an MP5 (same length) chambered for 7.62x51.  I beleive it has been confused by some people who refer to it as a G3-K.

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