A SERIOUS Apology To Everyone (no fcuking about this time)

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Machristo, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. All sarcasm and fcuking about aside, i really do want to apologise this time, both to the guys i had a crack at and everyone in general i offended.
    i was out of order and shouldn't have let pretty much everything in the former thread happen. it was immature and misrepresentative of both me and and my ambitions. i was grossly offensive and many of my comments were demeaning to both the AT job and in at least 3 posts to the entire Infantry; among, no doubt, many other things. i was out of order and shouldn't have got so carried away. while by no means limiting this apology to these users alone, i would in particular like to apologise to the following:


    now i fully understand if anybody or everybody chooses to ignore or reject this apology. the most i can do is offer it and mean it.

    while i do not endeavour to seek an excuse for this behaviour (there is none) i will offer this more detailed explanation of my situation at the minute, so that you may at least understand the pressures i'm under and get a feel for the stress i'm dealing with. by no means does any of the following justify my actions, and they are not intended to present the impression that it should.

    anyway, the long and short of it now is that i've got to attend the local nick on 05/07 to find out if i'm being charged with anything (i haven't been yet). this all comes days after my final interview at AFCO where i'd just been granted a shaded reference to have a crack at the AT whip, a job i've been wanting to do for years and the biggest single reason i stopped fooling around with pathetic squibs like weedkiller and sugar. sadly, that seems somewhat unlikely now, irrespective of the outcome of the investigation. and all this after two years doing little else other than studying (in my spare time) brisance, the munroe effect, compostion and capabilities of common high and low explosives, methods of detonation and studying dozens of cases of IED use dating back to WW2 and including more recent (P)IRA, Al Qa'ida and even Kenyan Mau Mau incidents, as well as isolated incidents such as the Oklahoma City bombing. all seems a little wasted now, and no doubt will look very suspicious when pulled up on my PC following the police examination. i know it sounds somewhat worrying, but such is my determination to get the job.

    anyway, that about wraps it up. again, i apologise for the last few days and hope this goes some way towards explaining my temperament.

    in all seriousness, this isn't a big wah or a huge sarcastic joke. i really do mean it. any serious questions, please post them and i'll try to answer if i can. i hope this shows at least a little that big-mouthed, petty and derogatory isn't me. not most of the time at least anyway.


  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    erm ... Wah?
  3. no mate. straight up. no wah or sarcasm hiding in there.
  4. *FLASHBACK* Michael Ryan.....Hungerford massacre....

  5. Missed the original thread but reading this I'm stunned. I'm sensing that your defence is 'Not Guilty" and that it is all an innocent missunderstanding? Dae you might believe that you are not a nutter and indeed you may not be but you would have to understand that the police can never accept that nor should the courts. If you are a nutter then tough, do the time. If you are not a nutter you are about to be penalised for being an idiot and again tough. I think you are for the high jump mate and quite rightly so. My suggestion is to use the intervening time wisely to get you personal affairs in order.
  6. If you do get put away you can always blow your way out of of prison!! :D
  7. hehe. all i need is a job in the prison gardens and a mate in the kitchens :p
  8. I think you'll find your "mates" will be calling YOU, sugar!!! :D
  9. it's basically a folding blade that has a mechism that holds it open and prevents it from closing when pressre is applied to the back of the blade. it has to have a button or similar device depressed in order to let it close.
  10. Please tell me you had a brief. They're free, and they bring fags, comfort and bloody good advice. If for whatever reason you did'nt (like the cops saying "hey you dont need one, we can sort this out...") get one NOW. Right now.

    First offence, good references and a fair wind, this could be talked down. IEDs take ages to sort out,, that bail could run and run. Had a bloke in the same boat, it took a year before they charged him.

    Pm me if you need a worst case chat.

    PS who did you offend and how, I'm intrigued....
  11. Ytomk, yes the stylish and Gallic Opinel counts, even the little ones cos its got a lockable collar. And knives are in season at the mo.

    Sir Dae, yours sounds like a box cutter, there may be wriggle room if the blade snaps into bits, and also where and when they stopped you.
  12. So, carrying a Gerber can get you jailed?
  13. i didn't while i was there. no use anyway..... i don't smoke
  14. Hmm... The collar on mine rotates rather than locks... I'll claim ambiguity, m'lud.
    Alternatively i'll only carry it when i'm out soldiering and not take the effing thing to work!
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