A series of short talks by Timothy Snyder

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by baboon6, Dec 4, 2017.

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  1. This series of short talks by the Yale historian and author ( Bloodlands, Black Earth, On Tyranny- all very good) is succinct, informative, incisive and timely. It should be watched by anyone concerned by the direction politics (not only in the US) is taking:

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  2. "The Russian cyberwar against the United States that led to the election of Trump."

    OP, you're a mong.
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  3. Whatever
  4. W P

    W P War Hero

    I first came across Dr Snyder by listening to his conversation with Sam Harris. I was impressed with his knowledge, the clarity & succinctness with which he discussed the subject, &, as you say, the timeliness. So thanks for saving me the bother of of the usual Youtube search rigmarole.
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  5. Watch the clip.
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  6. Worrying, to say the least.

    The first clip would be worth posting in the Trump thread.
  7. I give up on that thread , it is of no use anymore. And if this one becomes a copy of that, I'll ask the mods to lock it.
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  8. Its a shame, because I valued your input there.

    Not something I could say about everyone... ^^
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  9. @baboon6
    If he's right at around 12 minutes in no 1 it does beg the question about the election of Obama? No mention of pre Trump
  10. And you I take it are a Trump supporter.
  11. Why? Love or hate him, he was elected because a bunch of Americans voted for him.
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  12. The Orang Utan, as some US comedians refer to him, was elected because;

    He promised jobs for joe six pack

    He faced a fairly unattractive opponent

    He promised to deport non- citizens

    He promised to build a Great Wall along the Mexican border to keep drugs and gangsters out

    He was knowingly involved in collusion with Russia to assist in swaying the already fcuked-up electoral college system.

    Given the above it's no wonder a bunch of people voted for him.

    How's he doing with all that so far?
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