A Serbian Film

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Dude_Bro_Bro_Dude, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone seen this I would like to watch it some time because I enjoy films that are very ''Close to the Bone'' and ''Shocking'' But i think this one does take the biscuit?

    Read reviews on it it sounds pretty fucked up.

    I only heard of this about ten minutes ago whilst on Reddit so thought I'll ask around on here.
  2. Don't watch it.
  3. Would you happen to have seen it?
  4. Yes. It's not a poorly made film or anything (that would be human centipede) however, it's pretty messed up and not the sort of thing you'd ever really admit to anyone you'd watched or liked. It deals with rape, murder, paedophilia, incest and well, it can't really get worse than that.
  5. I have seen Human Centipede and never found that scary or shocking for some reason scariest thing I've seen was when I watched Ring when I was young **** me that shit scared me.

    And the Most shocking was Three Guys one hammer DON'T WATCH IT!!!.

    I only watched it because I got told about it by a person.
  6. Yeah I probably won't watch it just stick to my Se7en for now.
  7. What are the Serbs doing making Jimmy Savile's life story? Is it a BBC co production.
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  8. I did read that it also deals with ''Necrophilia''
  9. Does it count as necrophilia if they die (via machete) during the act?
  10. Sounds more like a transitional form of Necrophilia
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  11. ARRSE film of the month?
  12. I watched it and posted something about it around here somewhere. It is a majorly fucked up film and I wouldn't watch it again for sure.
  13. It will leave you skull-fucked.
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