A sentence I never thought Id Write, "Nepalese Muggers"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pox_Dr, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. It seems that some Nepalese kids have slotted right into our current youth culture.

    Surrey Hants Star
  2. Ah Bless.....

  3. Im shocked, I live in Farnborough and have always seen the Nepalese as very nice people. But im sure with most things it a minority spoiling it for the majority.

  4. Sad to say but their children are getting westernised, there is a bit of a problem with them in the Farnborough area as there are stacks of them hanging round in gangs and making their presence felt.
  5. What is it with this country that turns almost anyone into Chavs...
  6. I do find myself thinking though that this WILL be sorted "in the community" unlike unruly kids from other ethnic backgrounds
  7. The answer is blindingly obvious. No one is allowed to chastise children anymore. The result is some of them grow up to be confident teens/adults (having never been put into place before), which is good, but a lot grow up to be reedy cocky tw@ts with no concept of pain, hardship and respect.
  8. Got to agree on your solution for prison overcrowding Scabster,it should be done in every town on a Saturday afternoon
  9. I'm sure if their dads found out they'd be in UBER sh1t. However knowing plenty of Gurkhas myself, all have been plenty willing to state violent crime in Nepal is plenty!!!
  10. Well - perhaps not every saturday. I would've hoped that instituting that would help reduce the criminality that would necessitate a weekly public flogging.

    I think flogging is a good medium between the death penalty and the 'life' sentence. Unlike a death penalty, you can more or less compensate for flogging should the justice system prove to be wrong.
  11. A lot of "confident teens" don't seem the best-adjusted individuals.

    With uni courses for just about anyone, easy access to cheap housing and a big student loan, they're laughing. And hey, if they fail there's always benefits to keep them going. Life's one big game, and they're free to switch between trash TV and nights on the town without even thinking about work until their 20's.

    We're breeding a society of self-obsessives. All that sets this group apart from their "chav" cousins is that they toe the line. Not out of respect I might add, but out of personal weakness.

    (Not that there aren't some good kids out there.)
  12. Let me know where RFUK, my rent is bankrupting me this year, and I'm one of the 'lucky' ones (i.e. I have a roof over my head, unlike my other student friends you can't find a thing in the middle of a housing shortage!)
  13. In Farnborough!!! I don't think so. Council sold all theirs years ago, for housing association you need £100000+, & a small starting property £200000 up.

    North Hants & Surrey is one of the last non invaded areas to hold out.
  14. We have an ex Gurkha Col living up here.
    He once said to me Words to efect of
    There are more Gurkhas, now living in Hong Kong then in the days of the Brit forces. Most are children of former Gurkha soldiers and they are a social problem. Not brought up in the 'Tough Life' where they had to prove themselves to Leave Nepal, they grow up not as "Gurkha" but as young men lost from any known form of society.