A Second Officer Appears In The Newspapers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Hot on the officer from Welsh Guards Battle Group expressing his feelings in The Independent it would appear that a second officer has chosen the medium of the newspapers to expose his feelings to the world. It would appear that Duffdike wrote a piece for The Times with regards to expenses. Not only did he carry out this unseemly act (against the express wishes of the CoC) but he boasted about his treacherous act on these very pages.
    What should be done about this breach of good practice and military etiquette?
  2. He should be immediately compulsorily retired from the service?

    Err ...

  3. Times Online

  4. The man is a disgrace to his uniform.

    His role is to support the government in their decisions regarding action, and also the people who represent the armed forces in the Ministry of Defence.

    Now it's in the NAAFI, it's open season on this cnut.

    Can anyone tell me what he spent on pipe tobacco last year?
  5. You do know that in reality Duffdike was a L/Cpl in the RPC, we were in the same unit together and he got his Sub L/Cpl just before I did.
  6. And did you also know that if I keep playing Battlefield 2 for 100 more days at a rate of minimum 15 mins per day I'll be a Staff Sergeant in no time and outrank both of you! :lol: