A Scotsman for Prime Minister?

G M F for Prime Minister?

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I've just been re-reading George MacDonald Fraser's book ''Quartered safe out here'' and it occured to me that taken in conjunction with the 'Flashman' books and the couple of times I've been to his talks could he not be a Scots PM that we could admire and follow?
Gets my vote. Good war record, was (by all accounts) a good officer and he's done a lot for the Gordons OCA.
We had a Scotsman that made a complete fuck up of it and we have a scotsman who seems to be just as bad, why in gods name would we want another one?


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He probably would be as he served in Burma with the Carlisle mob - what was it then? King's Border Regt?

Anyway, he saw life from both sides of the border and although the McAuslan books were about the Gordons, "Quartered safe out here" was about the Regiment he went to war with.

All in all - yes, a well balanced individual.
Can you add a wait and see if we get screwed at the next Budget by the Chancellor (oops sorry PM)in the poll please :?


Bullet Sponge said:
Biscuits_AB said:
Because none of the English ones have been any good.
Well Maggie was great, unless you're a lefty, red flag waving Blair lover...... :wink:
Was she? Were you old enough to vote when she was PM?
I'm not bothered what nationality the next prime minister is. Just as long as they do a better job than the creature with have in at the moment!

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