A Scandal about Afghanistan Shakes Berlin

A Scandal about Afghanistan Shakes Berlin
by Victor Grossman
Like the peaks of the Hindu Kusch dominating much of Afghanistan, the war in that unhappy country increasingly overshadows the political scenery in Germany. Parallels with the situation in the USA are unmistakable.

On December 3rd the Bundestag voted on prolonging the use of German troops in Afghanistan for another year. But before the delegates crowded to the front of the house to put their ballots in the container, they were surprised to hear an unusual statement. It came close to a confession.

For three months one event has repeatedly grabbed the headlines: the bombing on September 4th of two hijacked German fuel trucks in Kunduz, in northern Afghanistan. The air attack, ordered by a German colonel, resulted in the deaths of 142 people, including women, children and many other civilians despite the fact that the trucks, stuck in the mud while crossing a river, were of no immediate danger to German troops. American pilots suggested flying low over them to frighten civilians and the Taliban hijackers away. But no, the colonel insisted on bombs -- and got them. The fuel caused a terrible explosion
War can sometimes lead to unfortunate accidents as in this case. Lots of sympathy etc for those innocents caught up in this incident but no sympathy for those murdering terrorists. It would appear that the colonel made "ein grosse fukk-up".
Norfolknchance said:
It would appear that the colonel made "ein grosse fukk-up".
The Bookies are now taking bets that Bugsy will be along to show you how it should have been said in German ...

formatting didn't look right
Norfolknchance said:
War can sometimes lead to unfortunate accidents as in this case. Lots of sympathy etc for those innocents caught up in this incident but no sympathy for those murdering terrorists. It would appear that the colonel made "ein grosse fukk-up".
My bold

He was the man on the ground, he did what he thought was right at the time.
None of his troops died and his actions killed terrorists.


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This is an old story and they were thieving fuel from a stolen tanker I understand? Bit risky, really. They were mistaken for a 'wedding party' - as I understand is the politically correct term for mass gathering of people weilding semi automatic rifles - and Herr Colonel made a mistake. This happens.
The problem was that there were so many conflicting stories flying around that I doubt If any of the politicians had a clear view of the situation.The former Minister of Defence Jung had to step down as did their most senior soldier who was responsible for troops in Afghanistan.The job there was supposed to be to support the area, build schools and hospitals and train the police but not to engage agressively against the Taliban or other terrorists.This doesn´t mean they were scared or cowardly,they´ve done a really good job over there in the last 6 or 7 years and there was a lot of respect from the locals for their help even though they´d been the subject of IED´s and had high losses for a so-called police action.
The KSK or German Commandoes got involved in this and their involvment is causing a lot of controversy,they were helping the allies in other areas to hunt and kill the Taliban and It looks as If they´ve sh*t on their own doorstep in their ´own´relatively quiet area.I presume that the Government didn´t want to tell the enemy where they were now operating either;It seems that the Germans have tentatively moved from Police Action to Military Action and didn´t discuss it with their Parliament,big mistake as every Dick and Harry in the Opposition likes to gob off about the slightest incident,by the way the Greens voted to help out in Afghanistan as It was to help the Afghans and not to kill them.
It´ll settle down in a while but the Germans are so fcuking masochistic and love wringing their hands at the slightest mistake or hint at ´war-fighting´,most of the Civ-pop don´t really give a damn though.They´ve been Politically Castrated for so long they don´t really care about politics, as long as they´ve got a full belly and a bottle of beer in their hand they´re as happy as pigs in sh*t.

I´m not convinced that the Yanks wanted to fly 4 or 5 times over the tankers to scare the civvies away,there were enough weapons there to present a threat to low flying aircraft,they´re not known for such altruistic attitudes and have never had these qualms when targetting their own abandoned vehicles in broad daylight.
The writer of the article happens to be a communist who fled McCarthy-era America to the GDR.

However, he is right in saying that the tanker bombing has repeatedly grabbed the headlines in Germany. The fallout from the tanker bombing is definitely NOT an old story.

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