a scammer?

You are correct upto a point.

Rank was worn on the cuff, as per the navy but with army badges of rank, up until 1916 ish. After that date the rank move to the shoulder.

So at 1917 the jacket would have the rank on the shoulders.
Both styles were used c1917 The cuff badges not being abolished fully till 1920

During the Great War, some officers took to wearing similar jackets to the men, with the rank badges on the shoulder, as the cuff badges made them too conspicuous to snipers. This practice was frowned on outside the trenches but was given official sanction in 1917 as an optional alternative, being made permanent in 1920, when the cuff badges were abolished.
When cuff ranks were worn, Scottish Officers wore a differant style:

British Cuff Ranks

Scottish Cuff Ranks

This jacket looks OK to me and dated 1917
Interesting. I was led to believe the move to the cuff was because it was less conspicuous there than on the shoulder in the trenches.
I haven't seen a picture of a WW1 Officer with the rank anywhere but the cuff, but obviously that doesn't mean it was the only way.

But yes, the $600 starting bid is out of line.


The Foot Guards wore their rank on their shoulders from 1914.

They reckoned the cuff rank highlighted an officer, so by 1916 most officers wore ORs kit and carried rifles to give themselves a chance- an extra couple seconds.
The move of rank from sleeve to epaulette wasn't universally popular. Those, presumably already serving before 1916, called the new tunics "wind-up" tunics!!
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