A sad story of a typical American soldier.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by KGB_resident, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/09/23/AR2006092301129_3.html

  2. The way you've culled phrases from the original article makes it a tad confusing.

    Until I read the full article, I was wondering why he was shooting Hawiaian cow herders.
  3. Unlawfull killing of Hawiaian cow herder would cause a compensation much bigger than $1000. Cost of human life in Iraq is low. Taking into account spendings on Iraqi war, cost of the trial, a size of the compensation looks as a humiliation.
  4. Tell you what Sergey: find a case from Chechnya where the Russian army has even acknowledged that its young men sometimes overstep the mark under pressure: then I'll consider accepting your worries about the behaviour of US soldiers. Your nation has sanctioned the sort of behaviour that makes My Lai look like a peacenik's love in, so please don't try to tell us how horrible Western soldiers are... :roll:
  5. ill get me coat
  6. Does "typical" carry a different translation in Russian?

    or do you really mean this is a typical US soldier?
  7. I think the typical soldier is only valid about the getting into a barfight part.

    But for the guy who is disgusted about how the western media supposedly makes iraqi life cheapened why don't you direct your anger towards the iraqis driving a truck full of explosives into crowds of iraqi civilians who value their lives as worthless instead of pointing the finger at americans.
  8. No, 2 wrongs don't make a right, but there's another old line about 'those who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones'...

    Russia may not preach, but, in effect, that's exactly what Sergey's doing here. I don't wish to 'have it both ways' (whatever that vaguely porn-filmish comment means), but I'm damned if I'm having a member of one of the most repressive and ill-controlled state/armed forces of the last century try to claim moral equivalence with the US forces. Sod off, read your Gulag archipelago, and the reports out of Chechnya/Afghanistan.

    The US have, on occasion, commited atrocities - as have we. They pale into insignificance compared to the state directed use of atrocities as an instrument of policy that the USSR/new russia under Putin employs. If you don't understand or believe that, feel free t ogo and live in the racist/alcohol/burgeoning aids capital of the world.
  9. You need a sub fusc russian to stand up for you? thanks for the 'tw@t off' - it illustrates exactly why I'm not going to bother with your childish remarks any more. If you honestly feel that there is moral equivalence between the US army, and an army that consistently murders its own recruits and massacres civilians as a matter of course, then debate is purposeless...
  10. Apologies are due Mr Nibbler.I deleted my posts because now that my editor has looked them over they sound really stupid.Buy you a beer? :hug:
  11. KATYN Anyone?
  12. Of course: that's one of the most refreshingly honest posts I've read in here for some time: my apologies if I came across as boorish: i didn't particularly think your posts were 'wrong', just not what I believe in...

    Ok, enough lurve, back to irritating one another...