A Sad Farewell

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ShoghunUK, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. It had to happen, but I didn't expect it to happen like this!

    To all those I have worked with over the last 22 years, thank you all. For those of you I trained, good luck and stay safe.

    Sorry there will be no dine out at the Mess, didn't even get my wassit from the Corps RSM :p

    Take care all. It has been an honour and a privilege. I enjoyed every year of it and will miss it dearly.

  2. Mate, I don't really know what to say. I can only believe it must have been some kind of administrative oversight; perhaps your unfortunate circumstances mean that you have simply sunk below radar height, and I'm sure this can be put right.

    Arrse might well offer an informal additional means of communication, but this is not the appropriate medium for thanking somebody who has given 22 years of loyal service to the Corps - in addition to your ongoing work in setting up the fledgling British Veterans website.

    If anyone is in a position to enquire about this oversight, please feel free to PM me for his details (Shoghun - please let me know if you're happy for me to pass them on?).

    You're not forgotten, and I for one will be sad to see you leave. Hopefully at some point in the future, it might be arranged for you to leave with a proper drunken Mess 'bang', not an Arrse 'whimper'! :excited:
  3. Sadly, this is an all too frequent occurrence. Your PEC/PMC should have had this sorted. Dreadful state of affairs.
  4. I left as a Snco in 1990 (admittedly after only 14 years service) but I got no acknowledgement from the corps, not even a follow up from ICA. Nor, AFAIK, did any of the others who left around the same time.

    Plus ca change eh?

    Anyway, for ShogunUK - well done and all the best for the future (it isn't so bad outside!).

  5. I can't talk about 1990, but I do know that relative to 30 years ago, for most folks in defence are one-armed paper hangers these days. I started resettlement in 1994 and was told then, that the best resource you have is your personal network.

    ICA may not have the resource to make contact when you leave, make sure you make contact with ICA and ICAREC now, there may be one or two other places you could look to find friendly advice from like minded souls.

    If you are leaving the Army, just don't bother to look here
  6. My sympathies - I had a very similar experience, serving detached and not in a major unit. My (civilian) boss, my (civilian) team and I went out for curry and beer and that was pretty much it.
  7. Disgrace your treated like this, all best in civvie st It isn't to bad out here and many ex forces have done very well for themselves.
  8. CR. Send details. I can sort this very quickly...
  9. For a 22 year veteren of the Corps I joined but 5 years ago, Im sorry you had to submit such a heartfelt post on fcuking arrse. Manui dat cognitio vires.
  10. I did 25 years, man and boy, of which 18 were with the Corps. I left in 1993 whilst serving with the old Group (Germany) and wasn't even offered a dining out, much less the obligatory farewell present, either from them or the Corps Mess in Ashford.

    My dining out was with the REME Mess I was a member of in Bielefeld (only 2 INT CORPS were members of that Mess). I opted for the Whisky Decanter set, with a difference - They had the Corps crest specially engraved on the decanter, and cap badges of the other units in the mess engraved on the four glasses - remained one of my proudest possessions until last year, when alas, I made the mistake of lending it to a female neighbour I fancied, for her Christmas Dinner and two of my prized glasses were smashed in the melee.

    Still have two though and the decanter with the Corps badge so I should be grateful for small mercies in my old age.
  11. I had no chance of any sort of cheerio, being a member of a pretty dull Mess with a band of REME pads as members, very few of whom ever used the place. Not to worry; I had a number of excellent fareyewells from other organisations, which I valued far greater, and the mementos from which are all over my house's walls and shelves. I shouldn't get tortured about it, ShoghunUK, it's the people you know and enjoy the company of whose memory you want to keep, and they clearly weren't at your last post.
  12. I sincerely hope you punched her in the throat while wearing a welding glove.
  13. Ah well if we're on a sympathy kick...I left from a Joint Service Unit based on an RAF Station. I got a book token. Not even a fucking plaque.

    Still waiting for my claret jug from the Central Officers' Mess presentation fund though.....although might be my fault because the Director at the time and I weren't that bothered about giving each other a farewell interview; probably because we actually got on with each other, unlike most!!! Perhaps one day, like medals, parchments and warrants it'll come in the post.

    Highlander Spy, if you had hung on for 12 months I would have had you dined out in style - it might possibly have involved a visit to the Moonlight Club in Niederkruchten in Mess Kit...........
  14. Have you finished colouring the book in yet?
  15. Of course not....the nurses won't let me have access to the lumocolours.