A sad farewell to John McCarthy, the inventor of LISP and founder of AI.

Did he invent it when he was in Beirut with Terry Waite ?
His greatest quote: "To count oneself as an atheist one need not claim to have a proof that no gods exist. One need merely think that the evidence on the god question is in about the same state as the evidence on the werewolf question."

RIP John...
It is the era and the age. Many of the early giants of computer science have gone in recent years. Oliver Selfridge, another of the AI pioneers, passed away about 3 years ago in his 80's, another affiliate of MIT and Bold Beranek and Newman who was also a pioneer in AI. (yes, his family owned a store in London). Brilliant guy and a bit of a character. Leo Beranek is close to 100 now. The years go by and the pioneers get older.
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