A sad end for the old gal

Discussion in 'RLC' started by sunami, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. In her finest hour she was at the forefront of British victory in the Falklands in a long service that saw her serving the country around the world.

    Now nearly 28-years after Argentina invaded the Falklands, this once great servant of the Royal Navy sits tired and lifeless in a Merseyside dry dock and is destined to become a tin of beans in your kitchen.

    As the first ship to sail into Stanley Harbour following the Argentinean surrender on June 14 1982, RFA Sir Percivale gained affectionate notoriety among those who served on her.

    From this;


    To this;


    End of an era: Twenty-eight years after being the first ship to claim British victory in Falklands RFA Sir Percivale is dismantled | Mail Online

    I had many a laugh working on board her when not working the welt. ;)
  2. It is a shame, I'm sure the Pakistani Navy could of done with this old Gal during last Month!
  3. What a sad sight had my first of many trips on the Percy in 1968 (exercise in Denmark). The same fate awaits the Araken and Ardennes which are laid up in Lowerstoft awaiting disposal
  4. X59

    X59 LE

    I spent many a time aboard these tubs.

    It was bad enough in bad weather, but they mostly had a big **** off " MEXEFLOAT ? " thing clamped onto the side, which really added to the feeling of doom when it clattered against the boat.

    I seem to recall that the RCT crews jokingly called themselves the " Long Range MEXE Group " and wore logo'd sweatshirts.

    Scran was served up on moulded trays, by the Hong Kong crews, and the joy of staggering to a table to find three courses slopped together !

    Bunks stacked 3 or 4 high were great. Made all the more of a laugh when we stopped for R+R, and the guy on the top bunk swamped.
    How we laughed when all three got an equal share, and ended up covered in blue dye from the sheets !

    Never enjoyed any of it , but still sad to see it go. strange that.
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  5. I remember seeing the last Ark Royal being broken up at Cairnryan, its a sad sight.
  6. Sad to see. Spent most of my time being ferried about on Galahad and Geraint. Assume that they are/have met the same fate?
  7. On 8 June 1982 in Port Pleasant, off Fitzroy, together with RFA Sir Tristram, RFA Sir Galahad (L3005) was hit by two or three bombs and was very badly damaged while unloading soldiers from the Welsh Guards. A total of 48 soldiers and seamen were killed in the explosions and subsequent fire. Later the hulk was towed out to sea and sunk by HMS Onyx; it is now an official war grave.

    Sir Tristram re-entered active service in 1985, and saw service in the Gulf War, and the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s. The ship supported relief operations for Hurricane Mitch off Central America. In 2000 the ship deployed to Sierra Leone in support of British operations there, followed by a cruise to the Baltic Sea in support of MCMVs. Early 2001 saw Sir Tristram return to Sierra Leone to take over from Sir Percivale as the ship supporting British forces ashore there. In 2003 the ship deployed as part of the largest British fleet for 20 years in support of the invasion of Iraq.

    The ship was decommissioned on 17 December 2005 but will continue to be used for training purposes.

    Sir Geraint was listed for disposal in May 2003 and was reported broken up in India in December 2005.
  8. The last I heard, she was supposed to be being bought to be used as a car ferry somewhere. She was the only Sir ship I ever sailed on, she was a sorry sight sat in Marchwood for ages, an even sorrier (is that a word??) sight now.
  9. Sad to see these pictures of Percy, although the others (Lancelot, Bedivere(my favourite) et al) met a similar fate. Time moves on, but memories are forever.....
  10. Until we meet our end... The Americans manage to keep a cold war carrier and battleship... we have WW11 HMS Belfast... One could hope that a cold war ship could be preserved just as Belfast raises questions in today.s youth, a similar ship might do the same for future generations.
  11. Until recently. HMS Plymouth and HMS Onyx were open to the public in Birkenhead, I am not sure what is happening to them now.