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A sad day for blokes of a certain age:



Long as Ms. Roberts, Sharon Stone or KZJ the welsh cracker are all straight and still like pork , this isn't such bad news. Be honest, how many of us would get anywhere near them in any case . But the ideas are much more entertaining.


Book Reviewer
There is no point in telling us that if you are not going to post a linky to some video proof of the act.
Sadly. there are (as far as I am aware), no videographic representations involving the lovely Ms Foster.

This is obviously an "Epic Fail" on the part of her partner of 20 years.
When I read the headline, I thought it would read 'Cliff Richard kicks in back doors' or something equally upsetting of that ilk.

JF never did it for me, even though Taxi Driver rates as a top cult fillum.

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