A sad and very strange tale

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by greenbaggyskin, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Apparently the guy in this tale is 41, a private soldier and a FI veteran?

    Staying well clear of the case and any opinions;

    How can you still be a private after 22 years and how can someone who is now 41 be a FI veteran? He would have been 14 years old.

    I smell a fish!
  2. What tale?
  3. Go on, give us a clue.
  4. Checked my Chrystal ball but I can't get a signal round here
  5. I strained so hard I sharted meself :-(

    (trying to work out the tale that is)
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Maybe the link is only visible on greenbaggyskins planet.
  7. A conviction for arson in 1980 and in the army in the Falklands in '82?
  8. It's probably just Journalists getting thier story muddled up, he said he lost some hearing in the falklands, they probably took that to mean that he served during the conflict.

    Having inside knowledge of quite a few newspaper stories of late it's been an eye opener into how badly research and incompetant most journalists are, especially when it comes to military matters.
  9. I think it is poor reporting again.

    Reporter putting 2+2 together and geting 5. Mr DOLAN assumed that the troops only went down in 82 and haven't been back since.
  10. The article doesn't actually mention what year he served in the FI but it obviously wasn't 1982.

    Just a case of the Daily Wail injecting a bit of the old bollocks once again and trying to 'big up' a story.

    The reason he was still a trooper after 22 years was given and not improbable.

    What I find odd is the Arson conviction 7 years before he joined and the fact he may only get 18 months nick due to some wierd law... :?
  11. Classy bird.
  12. It said 'partially deaf after an incident in the Falklands' nothing about '82.
    We are still there you know :roll: :roll:

  13. Really? Gosh, thanks, I had no idea.

    What do the words 'Falklands Veteran' imply to you?
  14. Beat me to it.
    Yeah what's wrong with pictures/video on your mobile or stealing their pants? Kids these days I dunno.