A Ripping Yarn

Reading this at the moment: Spying for the Raj : The Pundits and the Mapping of the Himalaya by Jules Stewart - historical stuff, but very well written and never a dull moment. By gosh we were devious buggers back then!!!!
Does it mention George Bogle and his bag of spuds? That was always one of my favourite tales of a Scotsman on the make.
Bogle does get a fairly long mention, but not the spuds to Bhutan story.....definitely a bit of a wideboy!!!

I liked this:

There was some domestic bickering over the trip, as Chandra Das's wife was not happy about her husband, the family's breadwinner, traipsing off to distant Tibet with hardly a word of explanation as to the nature of his mission or when he was likely to return home. The Pundit finally obtained his wife's consent by assuring her that Tibet was only a few miles' distance from Darjeeling.

Some things never change, eh!!!!!

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