A return to the good old days?

I may be younger than the length of service of some people here, but does anyone long for a return to the good old days?

You knew where the enemy was; the USSR were sitting there, rules were understood, boundaries pushed but at the end of the day cushy posting to Germany as opposed to sandpits and knowing any invasion would mean a rush to the channel ports in lovely duty-free cars :D

Spies; at least the Ruskies are inventive, and still proving it. All this "infiltration" of MIxs by various people; let's have a return to Gentlemen Spies from Oxbridge defecting over to the commies.

Obviously we'll gloss over the whole N.I situation, that's just unfortunate...

So can't we just rebuild the Berlin Wall (I remember that coming down; I mean, David Hasselhoff, honestly), and know where we stand; all sides have instant sunshine, no "hearts and minds", just good honest running around pretending to be real men followed by currywurst mit warsteiner afterwards.

Any other things that used to be done so much better?


War Hero
Yeah and fooking great big exercises all over Germany ala Ex Lionheart, were you could 'dig in' in some boxheads garden and tell him to fcukoff if he complained!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
yeah Crabby,
Do you mean the good old days when chaps would square up to each other and put their dukes up and there was no hitting below the belt - with air support the other side hadn't got do you mean?

Perhaps not eh?
Hearts and minds - if you can't win 'em, kill'em!

Laughing my arse off as Rome burns and Fools roast.
I left the Army in 1990.
I do believe I got out at the right time.
The Cold War was ending and was to be replaced by Iraq, the Balkans in its many forms and Ganistan.
There was something to be said for 'Defending the Old Country' even if the prospect for most of the time was becoming another Tom pushing up Poppies in a not to far and distant land.
Now I joke about Blurs New Model Army, oh the troops will do their duty, allways did allways will.
But it's a different game. The Days of Empire and Dieing for the Flag in far distant lands are gone, Thank God.
Cut down and cut back by folks who are not fit to lick the boots of the Men they put in harms way, For what ?
Hear, Hear Jonwilly,
the armed forces are not fighting in the interests of British people no matter what the politicos say.
That's the tragedy for both us and our troops.