A Retrospective Of House 91 - 96 Vol 4

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rudie, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. One of the finest house compaltions ever to be released, featuring the late and great Tony De Vit,Graham Gold and Sister Bliss.
    I lost my box set 10 years ago,and Iv'e just downloaded it, I almost forgot how bloody amazing it sounds. It's on my stereo now,I've got "I Know" by New Atlantic blasting out on "11" on the volume.
    I don't get get to clubbing these days, I'm more a of a "Friday afternoon in the pub then a curry" person, but after hearing these belters again just brings me back to whole different time when going clubbing was such an event - HAPPY MEMORIES!

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  2. I've just loaded Fantazia-Club Classics onto my iPod. all 3 volumes
  3. Ah,Fantazia....
    Iv'e got "Club Classics" somwhere on cd, Brandon Block,Peer and Mike Cosford.
    What ever happened to Brandon Block? Mind him invading the Brits in 1999 armed with a pair of chopsticks and abusing that old perv Ronnie Wood?
  4. Got sh1t loads of decent house mix CD's at my dad's from the mid 90's used to spend a fortune importing the good stuff in from the UK after scanning Mixmag's album review need to get them ripped!

    Think Brandon Block still does a show on Galaxy sure I've got a picture taken with him in Ibiza.

    Done a swap for an original renaissance CD some years back flogged it on Ebay for over £50 it got re-leased not long after.

    Up your Ronson night club out of Leeds also brought out a cracking CD set