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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JeffatSAFEDefence, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Hi all.My name is Jeff Sawyer, and I'm a retired London (Metropolitan) Police officer. I have never served in the military (one of my two regrets - the other one isn't suitable to be in the public domain...), and I genuinely hope it's acceptable for me to use this forum to make a request of you who have served.I now live in Basingstoke, Hampshire and make my living teaching martial arts and self-protection. I teach a system which is a mixture of Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Kali, Boxing and Muay-Thai. I have been training in - and teaching - martial arts for almost 34 years (the arts and systems I've studied have quite literally saved my life twice - once as a police officer, and once whilst serving as a member of a close-protection team in West Africa).I am in the process of writing a book and have had several articles and pieces published in the UK. The book is on the physical and psychological aspects of hand to hand/close quarter fighting, and the real-world use of self-defence/unarmed combat tactics. As part of my research I have conducted several interviews with Police officers, security personnel and one with a former Welsh Guardsman who served in Northern Ireland.
    I need to speak with and potentially interview current or former members of the armed services who have experienced combat at close quarters, and I am hoping that some of you on this forum would be prepared to help.I can assure you that I will respect and honour any degree of discretion and/or anonymity that is required.Please feel free to contact me if you'd be interested in contributing. Thanks for reading!Jeff SawyerWebsite: S.A.F.E. Defence - a new era in self-protection - HomeE mail: mastersawyersjujitsu@hotmail.com
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  3. Whilst I've never bayoneted a man I have been involved in close combat.

    Somehow though, I doubt very much that "when the first burst of rounds landed in and amongst the patrol, I followed through and vomited with fear before digging a shell scrape with my eyelids" would sell many books.

    Especially the post script where I was courts martialed for cowardice.
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  4. Do we have to bow before we type a response Master, despite you "not having any overbearing hierachy" in your training

    and do we al have to click and have a look at your website as well?
  5. I almost had a bit of close combat once when I shagged some mad ginger bloke's girlfriend when I was oop norf.

    He had a bit of a weird name like river or moat or something.
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  6. You owe me:

    A computer monitor

    New keyboard

    Clean kecks

    An unbroken rib

    and a fresh beer.
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  7. Is hand to hand combat like being ambidextrous and wanking with alternate hands?
  8. That's hand to gland.
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  9. Where is tropper when you need him?
  10. Jeff: don't bother talking to any dropshorts/gunners/planks: their idea of CQB is 25km.

    I wonder if any RA people are stupid enough to bite...
  11. James Shortt is your man, he's a veritable encyclopedia in all things hand to hand/close quarter fighting & runs courses himself. A much venerated exponent of underwater knife fighting too.
  12. Does using a hoover on a spider count?
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  13. I once slapped my ex on the top of her head with my engorged member, however in response she punched me in the balls. Ahh foreplay.

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  14. My only experience on close combat was in Cardiff, fist to face = nighty night. I've never truly got over being sparked out by a 20 stone welsh bird called 'Tammy'.